Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I spent my Halloween Day at the elementary school I have been in for the last week. I will be there a couple more weeks for my major. It has been such a great experience already and Halloween was much more exciting and fun celebrating it in elementary school again. We had a marshmallow fight, played Halloween bingo, frosted cookies, played ghost bowling (toilet paper as the pins), did multiple halloween crafts and all learning was Halloween themed.
Candy Corn Craft

After school, Matson and I quickly got changed into our Halloween costume. It was seriously the easiest Halloween costume we have done yet. We both wore suits, Romney buttons, he wore a mask, and I wore a wig (same wig as the time when I was Heidi Klum). Super easy. Especially the suit I had just gotten from my Grandma for my was a little big but the red was perfect!

Mitt and Ann Romney
And I will let you know...a lot of people greeted me by saying, "Look! It's the first lady." Not quite...but that's cool! Matson loved his costume. Many people just wanted pictures with us - "We gotta get a shot with the Romneys" - so Matson felt like a celebrity.

Just cruising around with Mitt for the night.
The people I nanny for have a Halloween party every year and since I haven't seen them for a week (due to working in a school for my major) we decided to go. All the little kids and cousins at the party did not like Matson's mask at all. Little A* in her sweet little voice kept saying to Matson, "I don't like your mask." Matson would ask her if she was going to vote for him and she would reply, "Nope." Too cute.
Buzz Lightyear was still not into Matson's mask.
We then went to our church's little trunk or treat party. All the kids there would walk up to our car, look at Matson's costume, and immediately start slowly walking backwards. They did not like his mask. I agree with's a little creepy. One of the little boys in my primary class came to our trunk to trick or treat and I said, "Hi bud!! Do you know who I am?" He had no idea and as soon as I took my wig off he said, "Hi teacher!" Apparently blonde hair makes me look like a whole new person.

At the trunk or treat with one of my primary kids. He wouldn't smile.
Halloween is suppose to be serious or scary?
We ended our night by visiting our families and enjoying some treats. I got some good playing time in with out little nephew. He was dressed up as a little shark.

Matson's brother was a secret service guy so we had to snap a shot with him.
Matson and our little Halloweened out nephew.
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