Saturday, January 26, 2013

Downhill Backwards

A couple weekends ago we went sledding with some friends of ours. We love sledding and get rather into it. We got all our snow gear on and headed to Rock Canyon bowl, which is THE place to sled. I am talking groups and groups of college/high school kids sledding on whatever they find...cardboard, ice coolers, mattresses, and couches. We were unoriginal and just brought sleds.

Sledding brings out Matson's daredevil side (along with any other physical activity or motorized vehicle). We all had our own sled and went down a few times individually. Matson lost his hat and boot. Then Matson wanted us to all get in a chain and go down backwards. The whole rest of our sledding time we could only go backwards. It made it more exciting, I guess.

Every run ended with us tangled up or pig piled on top of each other and laughing hysterically, which made for a good time. 

We ended our night with hot cocoa and Matson forcing our friends to watch his favorite movie Uncle Buck. If you haven't seen it, you should go rent it uh..I don't think there is any place to do the verb of "renting a movie"...So I mean, buy it or TiVo it.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcoming 2013 {a little late}

New Year's Eve was at my in-laws again this year. We always ring in the new year with them by playing loads of games and eating lots of food! This is one of Matson's favorite traditions.

Personally, I love watching all the celebs in New York perform and chit chat. Does anyone else feel like Jenny McCarthy made a fool of herself this year? And Taylor swift rockin on stage...she definitely isn't a sweet country singer anymore.

2012, you blessed us with opportunities and love. You will always be the year that we hit our 2 year mark of marriage. The year that brought my sister her hubby. The year that Matson left his job to start his company with my brother. You will also be that year that brought us our very first adorable little nephew. Thanks for a good year. See ya later.

Cheers to a New Year!
This is from my sis in law's polaroid camera. I want one!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby Stealers

During our break we loved playing with all of our favorite little buddies. I guess you can call us the baby stealers. I will snatch up any baby whose parents will let me! Anytime, anywhere.

Our little nephew showing off his standing skills for us!
Nothing like cuddlin' with a toddler. 
So if you need anyone to steal your baby, we are your people! Seriously.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ice Skating Tradition

We went ice skating again this year. It was such a blast. And I definitely made a fool of myself again. I always start out ice skating like a little weenie holding onto the side and inching my way around. There's just nothing that looks good about falling on our bum on hard, cold ice. Slowly though, I realized I could do it. I wasn't the best ice skater on the rink, but I did it. Pat on the back.

Read about our Last Year's Ice Skating Tradition

Monday, January 21, 2013


Give me a little bit of a break this week as I try to catch up on some blogging and what we have done the last month. Starting off with CHRISTMAS! I have this word that I use all the time in the month of December that I am ssssurrrre Matson gets very sick of hearing...

The word is: Christmas-y

...Yes, Christmas-y.

...I say things like, "Matson, let's do something Christmas-y" or "This decoration just feels so Christmas-y" or "Man, these snowflakes are so Christmas-y"...ok, you get the point.

So here are some of the Christmas-y things we did.

A Christmas concert at Thanksgiving Pointe.
Many nights ended like this over the break. Snuggling in the warmth and
falling asleep to a Christmas movie by the Christmas tree with hot cocoa.
One of my little primary students gave me all these yummy treats! So cute.
Santa worked with the Easter Bunny and hid our stockings this year all around the house.
A really bad self timed iPhone pic on Christmas Eve in our PJ's. 
Cleaning off loads of snow with one of his gift I gave him for Christmas.
Our happy nephew on Christmas.
Overall one of our favorite things was spending time with our people whether it be just watching a movie, playing games, or snuggling with each other made it the best! Plus, the white white white (snow) everywhere was awesome and veeeRRRyy Christmas-y.