Monday, November 5, 2012

The Annual Donut Party

Every year my family has a Halloween Donut Party. We invite the neighborhood, family, and friends and just chit chat and big out. The donuts are the best and homemade by all of us. It is quite the process but sooooo worth it. Here are a few snapshots from our Halloween Donut Party for 2012.

Matson took a nap with Rookie (our little dressed up Tootsie Roll)
while we labored in the kitchen. Psshhh..LAZY.

// Some Decor //

// The Donuts //

The flavors: cinnamon sugar, maple, and glazed. 

My personal favorite. The Maple!
My friend A* was a baller and took over cooking.

As always the donut party was a family hit even though we all left with a huge stench of FRIED FOOD. I hate that smell bytheway. YUCK. I think I washed my hair like 5 times and it still smelled the day after. DOUBLE YUCK.

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