Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Piece of Chalk

This past weekend we went to the Chalk the Block event at The Shops at Riverwoods not just once, but twice. We went Friday night with Matson's sister and husband but all the drawings weren't finished so we went back Saturday night with my newly married little sister and hubby. It was quite the event full of some seriously awesome chalk art and all to raise money for Autism. I am not even an artist but every time I go to an art event like this I get so inspired and think that I could do it myself. Yet the hardest thing I can draw with chalk is my name and some doodles.

Tangled Lanterns. Love.
Jack and The Beanstalk coming out of the cement.

Aren't they all so amazing!? Some of the pieces were done by professional artists, but a lot were students from high schools or colleges and even just families entered. Which one is your favorite? Mine is probably the T-Rex and Jack & The Beanstalk. So cool.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Peachy Keen

I bought the best bag of peaches ever last week and we have already eaten pretty much all of them. There are only 2 left. We put them on top of everything but I just like them plain with just a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. They are super big, juicy, and delicious. They are some of the best peaches I have ever bought in Utah County (nothing compares to a fresh peach from Brigham City/Perry, Utah).

Yummiest breakfast, peaches on top of German Pancakes. 
German Pancake Recipe HERE
Go to the Allred Orchards barn at 2109 North University Avenue in Provo.
A bag which has a dozen big peaches in it is only $5.50 or there is a box that is $20.
The bag. They fill it over the top,
but we had already eaten some by the time I took a picture.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Choice // Detangler Edition

I have always had short hair ok well at least since I have been doing my own hair and that's been since like 5th grade. Then once we got married I was like, "Oh I should grow my hair out!" more like I realized the high price of a good hair stylist PLUS I was and still am a young, married student too cheap to pay for the monthly ish haircut. So the last couple of months I have really noticed that my hair is no longer medium or short length. It is definitely long-ish.

Long hair is the bomb dig and I love it. Well almost all of it. I really do not like the brushing of it. I seriously feel like a little 3 year old whiney, little girl who hates getting her hair done and screams every time her mommy just brushes once. Only thing is I am causing this brush screaming pain to myself.

I get out of the shower after massaging a half of a pound of conditioner through it and it still is hard for me to brush. Sometimes when I am super lazy pants and just butt hole sick of brushing it, I turn to Matson and in my 3 year old whiney, little girl voice ask him more like force him to brush through my hair. That's nice of him and all but he has only done that 2 maybe 3 times.

So I knew I had to find a solution. Spray in conditioners/detanglers. I have tried out a few kinds and I am here to report back to you all who are in a situation like me or you might just be the mommy of the 3 year old whiney, little girl who is traumatized after every hair brushing time and you need a solution.

Suave Kids Soft and Smooth Detangler - This stuff smells super yum and seriously all day I sniff my hair like a weirdo. It leaves my hair soft and smooth. It also keeps my hair from frizzing up. About $3.50. My Choice.

Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles Spray - This stuff definitely detangles and leaves my hair so smooth. I spray like 8-10 sprays of this stuff under and all over. I don't brush right away, I leave it in and it works like MAGIC. About $3.00.

Sesame Street Detangler Spray - This stuff is what you pay for. It doesn't smell good, it actually has no scent and it takes about 5 sprays per area to work. If you are on a tight budget and your hair isn't too tangled or knotty then it works ok. $1.00.

Joico K-Pak Strengthening Tonic - The last couple of years I have gone through a couple of these bottles. In the past I used this mostly for protecting my hair when I style it, but I have used it recently to try out as a detangler. So it not only is a pretty good detangler it also conditions and protects your hair. $14.95 (They do not make this anymore and there's only 1 left on Amazon. So you can go check out K-Pak's other products)

Holler if you have other detanglers that you think are the bomb.com and that I need to know about. Happy Wednesday!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

TopLine - Get Paid For Time Online

Yesterday I downloaded this new thing called TopLine. Pretty much it gives me points and money to do the stuff I do on my computer everyday. I already have lots of points from watching shows on Hulu, doing my online homework, reading blogs, being on Facebook, etc. It's so easy, so why wouldn't you do it?

1. Go to this link:  https://www.jointopline.com/?fid=PDJB87NF36WF
2. Take the few seconds to download it
3. Get paid to be ONLINE

FYI, if you have an ad-blocker make sure you turn it off for this to work. And to make sure it is working go to a site with ads and if there is a blue little TopLine "T" in the right corner of an ad then it is working!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Professional Photographers Are Better

So remember how I took pictures of my sister's wedding reception just for fun? Yeah...mine weren't good. Just wanted to get some shots for myself and my family. BUT my sister's photographer whom also happens to be our cousin took wonderfully beautiful profesh pictures. So here are a few of my faves from my sister's reception.

To see more of the photographs from this beautiful wedding reception go to Moxie Photography's Blog or Moxie Photography's Facebook.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can you do NOTHING for 2 minutes?

Barbados on our Cruise in 2011
Seriously, I dare you to do this. Can you do NOTHING for two minutes? I will be honest it was hard I failed 3 times...advice: don't actually look at the countdown of time. I stopped in the middle of my day when I could of done homework, cleaned, watched a television show, organized stuff, make a new list (because we all know I love lists) or do all sorts of things. But instead I just sat there for 2 minutes listening to the sound of waves. Heaven.

Just go here and try it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peach Days

Matson's grandparents live up in Brigham City and for the past two years we have gone up to visit them, see family, and enjoy Brigham City's Peach Days. This year we couldn't miss out, so we drove up for the festivities. That night when we arrived we went to Maddox. We never miss it, it is mandatory when visiting Brigham City for our family. I will admit they have some delicious rolls and corn bread!

Matson's grandparents always spoil us to death when we go up there. We wake up to fresh homemade buttermilk pancakes and all sorts of yummy foods (of course, fresh peaches). We spent Saturday talking with his grandparents, visiting with his extended family, and eating lots of yummy food.

Looking through Grandpa's Fishing/Hunting Albums

Grandpa sits on the back porch to relax and Matson was right there with him. 
My favorite part of this trip was when Grandpa took Matson and I aside from everyone to show us his self made exercise equipment and his daily workout routine. I was laughing the whole time because it was just so cute to see this 80 year old man lifting weights as best as he could and seriously getting a workout. I have always wondered where Matson gets his exercise/"gym rat" gene from and now I know...Grandpa.

We had such a fun weekend in Brigham City and can't wait to go up again soon to go to the new temple there!
The Brigham City LDS Temple

Monday, September 10, 2012

The After Party

My mom's birthday is September 15th, but her cousin is getting married that day out of town so my dad knew he couldn't have a party that day so he did it a little early...After my sister's reception on August 24th, my Dad had this brilliant idea to plan a little "After Party" for my mom's 50th birthday. With my mom's wonderful friends help and my help too, my dad pulled it off! Although it was a couple weeks early, it was such a fun party and my mom was COMPLETELY surprised. She hates attention like this, but for some reason my dad loves to surprise her and embarrass her a little bit.

Throughout the night at the reception we quietly spread the word around to stay around after the reception for a little 50th bash for my mom. After the newlyweds drove off from their reception, my dad shouted, "Stay around for a surprise for Susan in the backyard" and my mom's friends blindfolded her.

She got to the backyard to see this birthday set up with a poster of 50 Things We Love About Susan, a custom cake, a banner, old photographs of my mom, and some gifts!

The Poster. Bad flash.
This is my mom getting mad at my dad! She was probably saying something like,
"I can't believe you did this!" 
Lots of people stayed to celebrate with my mom. So kind!
The woman who made my sister's wedding cake also made this birthday cake for my mom. It's a suitcase to represent all the traveling my mom loves to do and the suitcase has 5 stickers of my mom's favorite places she has traveled to. Inside the suitcase was a quilt since my mom loves to quilt and it even had a tag that looked just like my mom's quilt tags. My mother is also known for wearing high heels so the cake also had a high heel that looks just like a pair of high heels she has. It was all eatable and so cool and so my mom!

The Birthday Cake
The Quilt Tag
The Shoe Cake
Happy 50th Birthday, Mom! She's had like 5 celebrations already and her birthday isn't until Saturday. She is one loved, talented, happy, and selfless woman so she deserves it!