Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Pathway to Becoming a Golfer

Since Matson works for a golf company (ForeUp) we figured that he should strengthen his golf skills. He has golfed since being in my family but he wouldn't consider himself a good golfer. In addition to him strengthening his golf skills, he thought I should strengthen mine. I have golfed maybe once in my life. And since he works for a golf company...I wouldn't wanna embarrass him or nothin' so I agreed to go golfing. Therefore we went golfing with some friends of ours! Good thing is that E* and K* are pro golfers and literally helped me get so much better (not like I was even good to begin with). It was a lot of fun and I think there will be more golfing for us in the future! Especially with our little boy.

Don't I look like such a happy golfer? Psshhhh...

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Baby Shower for the Best Girl

My sis in law, N*, is having her baby soon! Therefore, we had to shower her and my first future niece with love. We planned for the shower to be outside but due to Utah's sketchy weather we moved things more inside. I loved everything about this shower. The food, the guests, the colors, the flowers, and everything about it. I am so happy for my sis in law and honestly can't wait to meet my little niece soon (and when I say soon I seriously mean soon).

Photos by Kimmy Ashworth of Pearl Pixels and Kristina Hyatt

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's A...Boy // A "Firework" Themed Gender Reveal Party

It's a...BOY!

On July 8th was a big day. It was the day that Matson and I found out what our little "firecracker" is! I whipped up an invitation on the app Studio and we sent out the invite for the event via text message (we only had a few days). Then finally July 8th came. I went to the ultrasound with my mom. I needed someone there with me to make sure I didn't find out and to be the one to know to help with the reveal later on!  Before even going into the ultrasound room, I told the ultrasound tech that I didn't want to know but that my mom did want to know. The ultrasound tech was very nice and let me watch as she showed us a few different parts of the baby's body. She even measured our baby and told me that the baby was measuring big. The cutest thing was right before we were about to end the ultrasound, the baby crossed its' legs. The ultrasound tech printed the pictures and kept the "gender ones" inside of an envelope that my mom kept. 

The Invitation

The ultrasound was such a great experience. I honestly feel like my mom loved it too. I felt like we could just sit there and watch the ultrasound all day long. It seriously made the pregnancy feel real. Like I really am growing a human being in me and it looks like a human now instead of a small weird rodent. 

Later that night we started our gender reveal party. The theme for our party was "Baby You're A Firework." We had everyone guess if it was a boy or girl and then they wore whatever they guessed. They wore a little necklace with a blue or pink pacifier around their necks. Matson and I both guessed blue.

Wives Tales Printable Here

We also had our guests give some name suggestions for our future little one! I loved this because I really love to hear other names that we haven't even thought about.

Name Suggestion Printables Here

We served soft serve ice cream with different toppings and other yummy desserts. And, of course, blue and pink lemonade.

Dessert Topper Printables Here

After our guests arrived and made their guesses, we started the reveal. My mom and brother headed with some fireworks and the two mortars - a pink one labeled "girl" and a blue one labeled "boy." We all then waited for the actual reveal. A big blue firework went off to reveal that we are having a boy! We are thrilled and so blessed! Can't wait for our little bud! 

Now, I want to know...did you reveal your baby's gender in a fun way? Or have you been to a fun reveal? Did you reveal just your first baby or all of them? Tell me! Seriously, I need to know! I would love to know! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Our 4th of July 2014

Our 4th of July was filled with family. We loved it. Thursday night (the 3rd) we went to the Freedom Festival booths with my sis and bro-in-law. We ate some pretty yummy food before walking around the booths.

After that I had to teach my gym class then we went to Matson's parent's house for some fireworks with his family. Our nephew was a bit scared of the fireworks but started warming up towards the end by shouting, "Green!" anytime a firework went off. He was getting his colors a little mixed up, everything was green.

We hurried home to bed because the morning of the 4th started with an alarm going off at 5:30 in the morning. Matson was exhausted so we snoozed until 6. Then we hurried and got up to head to the balloon festival with Matson's sister's family. We love going to this every year. No matter how early it is and no matter how crowded it is AND no matter how tired it makes us the rest of the day, it just has that 4th of July feeling. Plus, the 4th of July wouldn't be the same without PACKING it tight full of activities! We watched the balloons blow up and then go up into the sky.

After the balloons, we went to breakfast with Matson's family (everyone but his older sister and husband who were out of town sadly). We seemed to get to Magelby's Fresh right on time before the crowds started rolling in. Breakfast conversation was all about what we all thought our little one would be...boy or girl? K* thinks it is a girl, Mama C* thinks a boy, C* thinks a boy, and Matson's Dad never really said. They always ask us about what names we like and we usually change the subject. This time Matson didn't though. We told them some of our ideas, hoping that they don't all steal them for their own. Haha. Our top name combo they all seemed to like and Matson is 100% sure that will be our baby's name........unless it is a girl. Ha. If it's a girl...we are screwed. No name ideas there. We will take any suggestions.

After breakfast I headed to the parade with N* where we had reserved seats that Dad got from his work. The rest of my family rode their bikes down to the parade and met us there. Surprisingly the parking down by 800/900 east wasn't that bad! We all went to the freedom festival booths, shared some chips, and then N* and I walked back to our car. Which took like 30 minutes of sweat dripping down our backs and poor N* as she is in her last month of pregnancy. I wish someone would have  seen us both walking through someone's sprinklers who were going off. Haha so refreshing.

The family at the Provo 4th of July Parade
We headed to Hokulia and I got my FIRST shaved ice of the summer. My brother came into town from California. We then headed home to swim, play pickleball, and pool volleyball. The best, relaxing, and fun afternoon by the pool. Grandma and Grandpa came over for 4th of July dinner!

Lastly, we went to Stadium of Fire. It was quite the show. Carrie Underwood was amazing, of course. She has an unbelievable voice and is so personable. The firework show (and music that went along with it) were perfect! I loved it!

Our day was JAM PACKED. But that is the way the 4th should be. Matson and I got home around 1:00-ish and were exhausted!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

In Cancun we save our money by eating breakfast and lunch in our condo and only eat out for dinners. It was a normal dinner night out in Cancun that turned into a unique experience. We decided we wanted to eat at the Marriott hotel's restaurant Mikado.

We took the bus to the restaurant and before walking in we told our friends C* and T* that the meal is super good, big, and a little more spendy than other meals we had indulged in before but we also told them it was worth it! We walked into the restaurant and asked how long the wait would be. The hostess told us about 10 minutes. So we sat down next to a tall African American woman who was sitting all by herself. Rarely do you see someone go to dinner by themselves so since I am a frequent people watcher and like to make up stories to go along with what they are doing, I instantly thought that maybe she was meeting someone or maybe she got in a fight with her husband and said, "Screw you! I'm going to dinner myself!" She was seated.

After our ten minutes was up we were headed up to be seated too. We got to our Hibachi style table and realized the woman from before was seated there alone. I tried to leave one seat between me and her, but the waiter told me that I needed to sit right next to her because a reservation party was coming and they needed all the seats. I could tell the woman was a little bugged that we didn't even know each other and I had to share a small side of the table with her. I instantly felt that she wanted to just be alone and eat in peace.

Us four after ordering our drinks started chit chatting like normal. Matson told a funny story that my Dad experienced at Mikado with all their friends once. It is a funny story and the woman next to me overheard and was laughing aloud. Later when we ordered our friend T* went big and ordered calamari and was teasing Matson, who hates all seafood, that he was going to make Matson try it. She laughed again and commented about how Matson should try it.

We asked her what her name was and she responded by saying, "Erica but spelled the RIGHT way E-R-I-C-A!" We all started laughing and I said, "Well guess what? My name is Erica and it is spelled the right way too!" She started freaking out! We chatted about our shared name and funny ways we had heard of people spelling it. Right then, she started opening up to us about her family, job, life, and fiancĂ©e. She was hilarious! She told us that she was the General Manager at a big hotel in Atlanta for Marriott and that she was here to wine and dine big customers. She needed a little break so she left a big party and snuck over to Mikado for a peaceful dinner.

We enjoyed getting to know her and I think she enjoyed getting to know us. She liked that we attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and were from Provo. Due to her working for Marriott and having a personal relationship with THE Mr. Marriott, she knew all about BYU, Provo, and the Mormon religion. She was very kind and fun to talk to. At the end of our dinner right before the check, she said to the waiter and to us, "I would like to pay for their dinner, please bring it all on one check."

We were flabbergasted!

What's really funny is that the "reservation" that was suppose to come never came, which left it just her and us at dinner. What's also funny was when the waiter brought us the check she told us we were cheap dinner dates! We thought that was funny because before we were planning on this meal being one of our most expensive meals of the trip. Matson got filet, T* got calamari, and C* got a sushi roll and a hibachi meal! We were going big. Yet, she still told us were cheap dates! Probably due to the fact that we don't drink alcohol.

We kept thanking her over and over again, but she kept insisting and telling us how much she enjoyed her dinner. We hugged her and were on our way. We kept talking about how nuts it was that a complete stranger to us paid for our meal. She started as some weird lady at dinner by herself who wanted some peace and quiet and then we got to know her and she was the nicest woman ever (and not just because she paid for our meal).

This is the worst quality picture ever.
Our waiter wasn't the best photographer and there wasn't the best lighting.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cancun 2014

Once Matson and I found out I was pregnant we decided we should do one last fun trip together as a couple before traveling becomes too difficult. Plus, my busy and crazy school year was just taking all my energy away. Plus, Matson had been going through lots of stress with our house and mortgage and all that. ANYWAY, the trip could not have come at a better time. It was the week after we moved and honestly it was kind of nice to just leave in the middle of it all and take a break!

Our friends T* and C* came with us. Everyday was spent relaxing on the beach either napping or swimming in the ocean! It was exactly what Matson and I needed and wanted!

Lack of pictures is due to me not bringing the camera or my phone down with me to the beach. But we have hours of footage on Matson's GoPro. So maybe I will upload one of those here soon.