Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Room

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks because my dang blog is out of photo space....WHAaaaaT??? No room? No room? Lame-o.

If you are like me then you agree every post should have a little photo to go with it. It's just visually pleasing and makes it more fun.

I am so bugged and a cheapster I know...made up word so I don't want to buy more room for photos.

Now Matson & I are just trying to decide whether or not to buy a little website (which my brother or him could design since they are learning HTML code and all that jazz...) or either buy some more room for this blog here on blogger.

So decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well you aren't missing much anyway. My posts would probably be full of my complaints about school and stress. I can't wait for this H E double hockey sticks of a semester to be over. Counting down the days.

Looking forward to General Conference this weekend, seeing my Grandpa & Grandma Hill this Sunday, and, of course, summer which will hopefully include pool days, sun tans, watermelon (oddly I am badly craving it), pickle ball, long gym workouts, some weekend getaways, and maybe a fun trip or two.

Well until we make some updates on this blog. 

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight...thank you Von Trapp Family for that one.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Utah Student 25 Gala 2012

My dad is the founder of the Utah Student 25. Many other states have these same kind of awards programs too. It really is such an interesting and motivating night (at least for my family of business/entrepreneur people) where you see student businesses be awarded from the 25th to 1st. It's a fun night and good excuse to dress all up and cute! We got to go to support Pops and enjoy a yummy meal and hear some good speakers!

My beautiful mom and I

Matson checking out one of the booths or businesses.
This one had built in ankle braces in basketball shoes.
Matson was very interested.

Me, Mom, and my cute lil sis!

Was so pumped to finally wear my Steve Madden Sparkle Shoes! 
Love them. Can't wait to wear them again.
There's even this little video of my Dad from the first year (2009) of Utah Student 25, where he's kind of explaining why it is such a great thing.

I think one of the highlights of the night was being able to meet one of my dad's old students, whom ranked 17th place in 2010 but has now become very successful with his mobile QR code app and business, Scan. You can read about Garrett Gee and a fun blog post he posted written to my dad (just to add a little humor) on his blog here. It was interesting to hear all his stories about how he got his funding from Lady GaGa, Ashton Kutcher, and other big investors in Silicon Valley.
It seriously motivated me who isn't even a businesswoman, but just helped me to want to support Matson through all his schooling and business projects and ventures. Whether that be by just helping him with school, staying up late nights, or in the future taking care of our children (with or without him, if he has to work).

It's amazing what setting a goal can do, even if everyone says its impossible or incredibly hard to achieve.

All in all it was a great night with Matson and the whole Richards family. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

a few {more} things i am loving

A couple weeks ago I shared some things I was loving. That was kind of fun to post about so I thought I would share some more things I am loving this week!

Maybe this will become a little series of posts...just maybe. I may get sick of telling you things I love each week and you probably don't give an ant's poop what little, weird things I love. Sooo let's not commit just yet.

1. Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie (remember the little Nicki Minaj rapper and her back up dancer dressed in pink tutu's and tiaras?). This segment is hilarious and Taylor Swift is so precious with them. Nothing better than when they are CHOMPING down on their cookies and when Rosie talks all about her ex-boyfriend. If this doesn't make you laugh (or at least smile) then...go and remember "loads of jokes" or eat some "cotton caaandy."

2. My cheap, knock off watch. You know how Michael Kors watches are so in right now and I have so wanted one? Yeah, I love them so much, but I just can't justify paying 300+ for one watch that I wouldn't even use to actually tell me the time since I always use my phone, so it would serve as just a bracelet. So for New Year's Matson got me this jem of a watch and I have been wearing it lots lately, like daily.

3. Matson's Remote Controlled Helicopter. Not only does it supply us with some good entertainment, but it is dang hilarious to watch Rookie (my family's dog) chase that thing like it's a real life bird she wants to attack.

4. Glitter. Whether it be my glitter nails or my glitter Steve Madden heels. Finally wore them for the first time last week and now that I broke them in, I just know these jems will be worn frequently.

Me wearing them last week at the Utah Student 25 Gala

5. My phone's lock screen. You can download yours or another 1 of the 4 wallpaper options here.

This looks super fuzzy on here, but is perfect for the iPhone.

What are you loving lately? I would love to hear about them and feel free to put some good links to them in a comment for us all to see!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Thought I'd share one of my new favorite sites with you guys, JewelMint.

Such a fun way to look at jewelry and last weekend I received my first purchase in the mail.

Garden Patch Trio

So excited and can't wait to wear them, especially with some fun Spring/Summer outfits.

Wanna know the best thing? 
Each piece is only $29.99 and...
You're first purchase you get 50-60% off!

The next thing I want to buy? This cute ring...

Royal Ascot Ring

Saturday, March 3, 2012

School is Rough

Seriously. School is killing me. I cannot wait for this semester to be over, and not just for my sake but Matson's too. We both have been so busy. Midterms was crazy plus projects and Matson's never ending Calculus homework.

You can't see, but I got some nice words next to my Testing Center test!
Both my midterms turned out great!
So even though I am dying, it is paying off.
The worst thing we both do is look at other couples or friends who aren't stressing about school and are enjoying their date nights, time together, and Valentine's Day (we celebrated ours a dang week late because our weekend after was even too full of homework and stuff). BUT I try to be optimistic and point out the blessings in our lives and the things to look forward to!

I am always looking forward to the weekends...yet we haven't done anything the last few Fridays or during the days on Saturdays. So Saturday nights and Sunday mornings are really our only relaxing weekend time.

I am definitely looking forward for April when school ends for the semester.

And I am looking waaaay forward to December 2013 when I graduate.

And even more forward to April 2014 when Matson will graduate. That will mark the end of school for us forever (hopefully).

This phase of our life is fun, but tiring. I know the next phase of our life will be hard too but I am just ready for that next phase, yet we still have 2 more years. Poop!

But don't get me wrong my friend, A*, and I still have fun in our classes sometimes.
Gotta love my major and all my Elementary Education classes.
But they sure are full of random, tedious projects. 
All I know is that Winnie the Pooh is a wise character. Haha.
Whether the "me" is Matson or Heavenly Father.
This quote has reminded me that with their help I can weather the hard times!

Friday, March 2, 2012

February Instragram Photo Challenge

I am sure a lot of you interenet friends have seen the Instragram photo challenges. The January one was such a hit, but I didn't join the band wagon until February.

For March I have decided not to do but maybe I will do another photo challenge again soon because it really got me thinking and helped me to look at different and smaller things and to be grateful for everything I am blessed with.

Anyway...I thought I would share with you my daily photos from each day all in one little post here!

Day 1: My view today=my overly planned school life/lists,
Dora the Explorer (oh the joys of being a Nanny), and my annoying homework.

Day 2: Words. Two papers and THREE important words that fix everything :)
Day 3: Hands. Mine and Matson's hands on our wedding day.
Day 4: A stranger. We went to a guy's house that sells golf clubs that Matson got for his birthday. This guy's little son just kept running around the house all dressed up and kept bringing me fun new things! Quite a cute little stranger.

Day 5: What my 10 AM looks like every Sunday. Primary time, 4 year olds flirting with each other, and lots of fun learning about the gospel!

Day 6: Dinner. A yummy smoothie (more like a snack) and a yummy episode of Bachelor with evil Courtney.

Day 7: Buttons. My button jar. All the spares. 
Day 8: The Sun. Well today I have been waiting for the sun to come out. Nope, not once. So...
these things bring me happiness like the sun does...a package of cute stationary and stuff designed by Amy Ruth Designs.

Day 9: My front door.

Day 10: Self Portrait of myself (and Matson).

Day 11: Makes me happy. The birthday boy! (His birthday is on 2/12)
Day 12: My closet. Out of our 2 apartment closets I take up 1 & 1/2. OOPS!

Day 13: Something BLUE. Enjoying my homemade smoothie in my BLUE sweatpants
 and Mister Chris from the Bachelor in his BLUE shirt.

Day 14: Hearts. A heart treat, my heart socks, heart decor, and a pretty rose! Happy Valentine's Day!

Day 15: My phone. Using my phone during the previews as we are seeing The Vow!

Day 16: Something new. We are watching a family the next two days & this NEW feeling of what it's like to have kids, not having time to feed myself...So I am eating some oatmeal at 9pm in huge sweatpants.
Day 17: Time. Cuddle Time.

Day 18: Our Drinks of Choice. Him: a soda. Her: a water. 
Day 19: Something I hate to do: touch/look at raw meat. Yuck! (I'll cook it but just not my favorite)..

Day 20: My (childhood) handwriting. Because I am embarrassed to show my (not so much better) handwriting now.
Day 21: Favorite photo of yourself. Some of my faves of me from my younger years!
Day 22: My work place. Nanny time!

Day 23: My (gym) shoes.
Day 24: My bathroom cabinet. Inside my bathroom drawer (I don't have a cabinet).

Day 25: Green. Rookie asleep super weird on our GREEN throw pillow.

Day 26: Night. Dancing the NIGHT away at our reception 1 & 1/2 years ago!
Such a fun you can tell my friend J* was really getting jiggy wit it!
Day 27: Something I ate. Obsessed as of late.

Day 28: Money. This may not exactly be money, but a form of it. Today Matson and I used our Groupon massages! 

Day 29: Something I've been listening to. NOTHING today. Dead silence at our home the last few hours while studying for midterms and homework. No music at all, not even in my car. 
Thanks for looking through these photos! You probably got to know me (and Matson) a little bit better.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram my name is: erich29