Wednesday, October 20, 2010

seperation anxiety

matson has had the same everyday belt since he was a junior in high school. 9 out of 10 days that was the belt keeping his pants up. he loved this belt. so you can imagine how it was quite the challenge to say goodbye...matson was excited about his new belt and i was even excited about this purchase because i wouldn't have to look at the very worn out old one. matson on the other hand, had a little seperation problem from this belt. but after a picture to document he was ok.

 so the belt and matson took their seperate paths. bye bye old belt!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

costumes for couples=retarded

matson and i are finally starting to think about what to be for halloween. We have been struggling lately with what to dress up as. We have a few ideas and are just narrowing them down. I have been searching online and these same horrific costumes keep popping up on my google searches. they are really attractive. psshhh. Which one is your favorite? Let's see who wins your vote!

A Ball and Chain? No thank you. And is the balls seriously all what the costume is? And what is up with the guy being shirtless? Honestly, is that necessary?

This one would be pretty great. I wouldn't mind this except I am not one for huge head masks. 

Do you guys remember this little sexy ghostbuster from the movie? Uh...No.

Honestly? This is horrible. Not to mention how horrible this would look on me. That skin tone colored "skin" would not match my skin AT ALL. I am waaay too white. Plus I would not want everyone picturing me naked...
If you have an idea for us, something not like the costumes above, then let me know!
See you on Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

birthday, conference, thank yous, and my jem of a husband

so my birthday was last week on the 29th. my husband was a jem and got work off for me. the day was great. my family and us went to my new favorite La Jolla Groves for dinner. I ordered the delicious tortellini & had the melt in your mouth lemon cake for dessert (it looked too nice to eat but I still ate it).
The Delicious Lemon Cake

after dinner, we went to my parent's house and opened my gifts and ate yummy homemade cheesecakes by my mom! i've been sick of cakes lately so she made cheesecakes! i got some great gifts: new gym shoes, a macbook cover, home decor, jeans, new belt, and grandma richards gave us some fun gifts to laugh about.
One of Grandma Doris's gifts that came with many other memorable gifts. She ripped off and saved the sticker that was on the back of our Wedding Favor (A CD) and framed it. This is why we love Grandma so much.
The day after my birthday Matson & I celebrated my birthday, just us. he took me to our favorite, well one of our favorites, Outback. Then he took me to Color Me Mine. He knew i loved that place and i hadn't been there in FOREVER. we took over a half hour to choose what to paint, then we rushed to get our art done before the place closed. it was a funny experience and i messed up probably 10 times. this trip to Color Me Mine was a "hop back on a bike and get the feel for it again" trip. we wanna go back again soon so that time we can make better quality things. i painted a heart plate and matson painted a vase for all the flowers that he brings me! he is such a jem.

conference was a great weekend to spend with our families and listen to the prophet and apostles. BUT we had a horrible experience of writing ALL of our wedding thank you notes in 2 days. it was the worst. don't get me wrong...i loooooove hand written thank you notes. they are so special and thanks to my mom i will always write them. But 300 in one weekend was just over kill. Matson, my jem of a husband, helped write them with me so that was nice (usually i hear that the man does not least my father didn't help my mom).

300 postcards/cards+stamps+kind individually written words on each card+sore hands+pen all over our hands=finished at 12:43 am on sunday (which was actually sunday).

Last night or this morning my mom's visiting teaching companion had her baby, so her older daughter, Miss Lauren was under my mom's watch. My mom had some things to drop off at my house last night and so she stayed for a little while. it was pretty late and Lauren was still not tired so my mom brought her. Lauren, my mom, and Rookie (my family's dog) came running into our apartment chasing rookie and picking rookie up non stop, torturing our poor dog. My mom came in helped me decorate for a little bit. Meanwhile, Matson was watching Bugs Bunny and trying to get Lauren to calm down and fall asleep. It was so cute and i saw the glispe of the dad in matson. he is going to be a great dad and it was so fun to see him with her. after school today, i get to go be with lauren and my mom again. lauren is quite the treat. it should be a fun afternoon!