Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we made a tent and i permed my hair

we had such a great thanksgiving break! we now look forward to life without school (which is in a couple years....DANGET). anywhooooo, we made a fort of the break. super fun. matson was in his little kid mode AGAIN (yet we see that kid side of him daily, so not too special). 

 and yes i permed my hair...but without the chemicals. kinda fun to have crazy perm afro hair for a day.
just ignore it though..kinda ugly but totally fun and reminds me of my hair as a child.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy 2 Days after Thanksgiving!

I would of posted my wonderful list of things I am thankful for on Thanksgiving but I was WAY TOO BUSY spending time with my family and watching my brother propose to his new fiance and decorating for Christmas. So I will try not to bore you with a long list. Matson & I are so blessed, I will try to keep it short. but i can't make any promises.

1. I am thankful for Matson. I have the bestest bestest friend, husband, partner, and life companion. Actually right now as I write this he is singing along (well half singing along/half mouthing along when he doesn't know the words) with some odd song I have never heard of. But that is why I love him. He brings so much joy to me and our home. I am thankful for his hard work; whether he is working hard to bring a smile to my face or working hard to support us or working hard to open a nail polish bottle for me or to get good grades at school--he always does his best work. I am thankful for his love, patience, and he finds happiness in the small things and he sacrifices and does so much for me. I am extremely thankful for him.
2.  I am super duper thankful for our family. I am sooo spoiled. seriously matson and i have the best family ever. I seriously would do a single number for each of them but that would really bore each of you and that means i would be typing for a long time. they are all such great examples to me in different ways! Our family consists of some of the best listeners, funniest comedians, and the ultimate advice givers. Seriously i don't know what I would do without my family's support and kindness. Our family members are our best friends. i sometimes even think matson has more fun with sista A than me. i often find them in their own world of conversation or hooked to some odd game or movie.
3. I am so thankful for our church, the gospel, my Savior, and just being taught the right things. I know that we are so blessed because we choose the right. I am so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and I know that without it I would not be who I am today. The gospel is ultimately the reason that I am where I am and why I am so blessed and am so full of joy. 

4. I am so thankful for ROOKIE! She is the perfect dog. I will admit, as a child I was afraid of dogs. I actually was afraid of my old boyfriend's dog or even my cousins' dog so i guess you can say i have always kind of been afraid of dogs. BUT no longer is that true. Rookie has changed my dog opinions. Rookie is hilarious. I am thankful for the many smiles she brings me. I wish she could live at our apartment...but I am sure she would miss my Mom and her favorite window where she barks at birds, neighbors walking by, or even just cars turning around. I am afraid to ever get a new dog, because I know he/she would never live up to Rookie. She has the best personality. 
5.  This last one is just a little sum up. I am thankful for my health and the people around me that they are healthy too. I am thankful for our home, for our education, and even the little things like our toaster & my blow dryer even though it burns the edges of my bangs...so dumb & fuzzy socks (I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM) & for hot cocoa & for the holidays & for just EVERYTHING. I will stop before you choose to stop and type in faceboook.com because I know where you are headed next. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

he was injured...injured bad.

This was the first day. It is much worse. Poor guy.
over a week ago, matson pulled/tore/ripped his HAMSTRING when playing flag football. it has been quite the hardship for him this past week because:
a. he can't go to the gym (he went a few times this week but just did arm work outs, this is a hardship for me is well...because he isn't there pushing me)
b. he can't go to Monday night basketball with the guys
c. he can't get comfortable to fall asleep
d. he walks super slower than everyone else (i think this is much more of a hardship for me than him as well, i freeze my bum off walking slow and waiting for him)
e. he can't bend down to put his own socks on

OVERALL: he is not doing the best, but it is getting better.

Friday, November 19, 2010

THIS SATURDAY..Bello Accessories & Paper Flowers Boutique

The cutest things ever for holiday gifts(or if you are like me, just cute things for yourself...why am i so selfish?). I already purchased the cutest knit detailed headband and the scarves are ADORABLE.

Monday, November 8, 2010

who's visiting us this week?

this little goofball is visiting us all week while my parents are vacationing.
already we have had quite a fun weekend with her.

last night matson (who is deathly afraid of spiders) found a spider on the wall then it quickly got away so rookie and matson searched for five minutes to find the spider; matson's tool was a flashlight while rookie's was her loud sniffing nose. finally together they killed it. matson smashing it then rookie attacked and chewed it up, then spit it out (gross, i know).

Friday, November 5, 2010

great men...buy the same flotation device

who wore it better?

this brought a chuckle to me when i found this "Star Track" insert in People magazine while catching up on some magazine reading today. Robert Downey Jr. and Matson are sporting the same flotation device. we bought ours on our honeymoon at a Mexican Wal-Mart like store called Mega

Thursday, November 4, 2010

the halloweekend report

long day of stressing about school and coming down with the worst sore throat resulting in a manly voice, followed by some pumpkin carving at the in laws
BEWARE! pumpkin with creepy eyes
matson's electrocuted pumpkin
started with a little bit of a sleep in, horrible sore throat, boring school, then i came home just exhausted and not looking forward to work from 4-9pm, where i would not be able to speak on the phone very well and when a customer calls in he/she would be shocked when i tell them my name is erica when i sound more like an eric, and i was not looking forward to writing a paper for my history class. i called matson and told him i was going to call in a sick day. so i did, then matson went over to my department and told my manager for me. so nice of him. then my kind manager told matson he would get my saturday morning shift off for me too, so i could get feeling better. THANK YOU! i then wrote my history paper for the next 3 hours and was excited when matson came home. he surprised me with zupas soup and a jamba juice! what a sweetheart! THANK YOU! matson did homework too. then we both fell asleep until 7pm. i have not fallen asleep during the day in forever. if you're sick, i would recommend it. then still feeling sick we carved some of our own pumpkins!
i love matson's big pumpkins ticked off face.
my pumpkin is eating matson's pumpkin! oops!
slept in, went to the uvu library to study with matson, came home for a nice after study snack. so there i was cutting some cheddar cheeeeeese then VAVOOOOM! i cut my finger. very bad. on the side of my left pointer finger. it went right into my finger. matson looked at it and we did look to far because we didn't wanna see the bone. we wrapped it and tried to stop the bleeding. band aids did not work (someone should invent THICKER band aids). so we put cotton balls on it and wrapped it with medicine tape. too bad i wasn't something gooey/scary for halloween. the cut would of gone right along! anyway now i am sporting this sweet frankenstein-ish cut on my finger.

so we got ready and dressed, dyed matson's hair, put my wig on, and headed out for our Mormon/Utah Halloween night. What were we?? Take a look (no one got it, but we did and we had fun with our costumes.

we were heidi klum and tim gunn from project runway! matson and i have watched the past two seasons together and we love that show. matson quotes tim gunn all the time by saying "Thank You Moooood!" or "make it work" and all his famous lines. we had fun dressing up and we will do it every year. but maybe next year we will be something easier for people to recognize. we visited family, friends, and ended the night with a treat and Hocus Pocus. at the end of the night matson and i came home and he wanted to have his own little photo shoot. here are just a few of them:

church, we watched The Testaments, and then headed to my madre's house to help prepare for the Richards Donut (or is it doughnut) Party! We cut out donuts, ate dinner at the Tanner family's home, then cooked & ate MORE than our fair share of donuts. it was a fun weekend. and we look forward to the upcoming holidays even more!!