Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our GG

Sadly, early yesterday morning Matson's grandma passed away. She was such a fun, energetic grandma who everyone calls GG. GG stands for Gorgeous Grandma. She really is the best grandma who spoiled us every time we went up to their home in Brigham City. She made us all kinds of yummy food like her delicious pancakes, noodles, and potato salad. She always wore her cute curlers at night, served others, worked hard, and she always noticed and complimented me and others. One of Matson's favorite things that she did was she could make Matson's grandpa cry by just looking at him a certain way.

Grandpa and GG
Grandpa, GG, and their kids (my mother in law is centered)
GG is on the left with us on our wedding day!
GG would hate me for this but I just love her curlers!! So cute.
This night was this past summer when Matson and
I stayed up until 1am talking with her.

We love you, GG! She will be terribly missed by us and the rest of our family. We are sad that our own future children will not be able to know her here on Earth but we know that through the Atonement of Christ that we will see her again and be able to enjoy her yummy potato salad soon! And for now we will continue to remember her and sleep under her huge quilt every single night that she gave us for our wedding.

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