Friday, November 30, 2012

Hold on Tight Spider Monkeys

As I previously mentioned in my last post about our Cancun Thanksgiving Trip, we were able to go and spend a couple hours with some spider monkeys at The Jungle Place. The Jungle Place is a sanctuary for spider monkeys. They take in injured, diseased, or malnourished monkeys and take care of them. Because of this, the monkeys are very use to people and the time you spend with them is their play time! It was a blast and so worth the crazy drive and long time it took to find their location.

It was an amazing experience. The monkeys are amazing animals and it was so fun to just play with them and they love to play with you too! They pull on everything and try to grab everything they can, which is why you see that most of us had our flip flops off and nothing in our hands - no shiny things including bobby pins or any jewelry. My favorite monkey was Victoria. She was this little, spunky one. Matson sat on the edge out to their play area so all the monkeys would just swing right on to him.

Pulling on Matson's shirt. 
A lot of the monkeys just wanted to snuggle up to you.
Thank you Mom and Dad! It was such a great experience!

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