Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Festivities.

I could post about each detail and little super fun thing. But I am just going mash it all into one small ish post.

Friday-We went with my brother T* and his wife to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Pointe. It was such a blast. First we ate at this random little fast food joint that my sis in law's dad invested in. Then we headed to Cornbelly's. I had never been and it was such a blast! And when I have kids I am totally going to plan a whole day there because there was so much to do: corn mazes, haunted mazes, play places, bouncy toys, bouncy trampoline like balloon things to jump on, hay pit, plastic duck races, pumpkin tetherball, jack-o-lantern tower, tractors, swings, pig races, and seriously so much more. We went late at night so we didn't do it all but we enjoyed a lot!

Matson loved the HUGE rocking chair. Right when we first saw he said like a little child, "I want a picture on that."

All four of us as "Farm-tastic" Animals.
Matson on the bouncy trampoline like thing.

N*'s weird jump. Seriously we laughed so hard on this thing & were bouncing & playing around with these crazy group of young boys.
Pirate Ship Play Place. I will take an order of this in our future backyard.


The guys counting off for their duck races.

Lassoing a pink cow.

Pumpkin Tetherball. This got quite intense. Matson's height seemed to be an advantage.
Saturday-We went to a fun Halloween party with friends. Beforehand we made some easy desserts, made our homemade Mario Kart in Battle Mode (with balloons), and then headed to the party! We had a blast - we ate yummy Cafe Rio style salads, ate desserts, costume contest, and played many games including Mafia, What Were You Thinking?, and Catch Phrase. Such a fun Party! Thanks to B* and E* for inviting us and all the work you put into it!
Mario & Luigi Mario Kart Battle Mode.

Homemade. Loved our costumes this year. So fun and really not hard to make!
I made those Rice Krispie Pumpkins off Pinterest

Along with some easy Pumpkin Cookies and my friend H* made these yummy ghosts.

Our good friends H* & K* (dressed as the Princess Bride), us, and N* & T* (dressed as Mrs. Butterworth's & a Waffle).
Like I said, we played some games at this party and it got very intense. I think like 97% of the people there are very competitive. We played Catch Phrase guys vs ladies. Ladies won of course.
The winners (I have no idea why I am hunched over so oddly) but hey we won!!

The poor losers.

Monday (Halloween Day)-School, school, school, normal day. But I didn't have work so I got to get some stuff done! Every Halloween my parents throw a Homemade Donut Halloween Party. the donuts are DELISH I only let myself have 2 or I get so sick. But they are so worth it. This year we made the usual glazed, cinnamon sugar, and added maple donuts. Maple were by far the best. It's lots of work to make the donuts but so much fun.
Making the donuts is quite the process: making dough (mama did that..thanks!), cutting out the donuts, frying the donuts, decorating/putting cinnamon sugar or maple or glaze onto the donuts.
Worst thing is I swear my hair still smells like grease. YUCK! I washed it like 3x Halloween night.
N* and I making some yummy donuts.

Hope your Halloween was as wonderful and fun as ours!


  1. cute! looks like fun and i love your pants!


  2. I loved your unique and creative costumes and had to add you to my round-up, "87 Creative Halloween Couples Costumes" ( Thanks for being awesome and Happy Halloween from The Dating Divas xox