Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Mexican Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving we spent it with my family in Cancun, Mexico. It was the best time for a vacation - right after my month practicum in an Elementary school in Heber and right before finals for the both of us. Matson and I really enjoyed it. Usually we just relax our days away there, but this time my dad really wanted all of us to see Tulum and we also got to play with monkeys one morning (post coming soon all about the monkeys)! We also play a lot of tennis, volleyball, and other games!

We celebrated John's birthday (a couple weeks early)
at Bubba Gump's where they sang a ridiculous song
and made him dance.
We saw the new Twilight.
Mikado at the Marriott Casamagna.
THE best dinner!
Matson playing volleyball.

Dinner at Chili's with everyone.
Me at Tulum 
The beach at Tulum was gorgeous. SO pretty.
Thanksgiving Night. My sister's hubby was sick and missed.
My dad has this silly thing where he likes to try to kiss
the guys in pictures...He won't start until you have already counted to 3.
Matson was playing along.

At our last dinner we were sitting there and our waiter told
us there was a croc! They fed him some yucky chicken.

Funny stories for my own memory that were hilarious at the time but will probably come off as a complete yawn to you all.
  • While playing Rook and after seeing the "kitty" I said, "Man, you got some good ish in there!" Then my mom in a completely serious tone said, "Wow. Good ish." I busted up laughing because my mom just said "ish." It was hilarious.
  • Matson was singing in our hotel and my dad heard him and started singing along. My dad has a horrible voice. My mom and I were just staring at them singing and somewhat more like barely harmonizing together. After they finish their little tune my dad said, "We could be Nysnc or One Dimension." I thought, "One dimension? What is that? Some old band...oh no! He meant One Direction." I then said, " you mean One Direction?"
Thank you Mom and Dad! We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving vacation.
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  1. I was laughing at your ish. Something I would die laughing at if I heard my mom. And I think we should have a rook night with checks and Tali when we get back in town!

  2. K i miss so bad the vball on the beach, and your dad is a hoot...kissing/one dimension.