Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Belated Birthday

It's been crazy busy for us over here. We have been to California, enjoyed General Conference, and been super focused on school these last two weeks. A little over two weeks ago was my birthday on the 29th of September. It was a fun one! We started my birthday out by opening the infamous Grandma Doris Package. It did not disappoint this year. Laughter arrives as soon as I rip open the box.

This red suit is a geeem.

This note was on top: "To the first girl [I was her first granddaughter] who will be giving me my first great grandchild!" I hate to disappoint you Grandma, but T* (my brother and his wife) may beat me to it. Ha ha. Read about another great Grandma Birthday gift here.

My family met up with us at Provo Beach Resort to do some indoor surfing. I hadn't done it in a while and it was so much fun! We made my dad do it by paying for him before he even arrived, so he had to it. He was worried he was going to get hurt (biggest excuse). I am happy to report he was not hurt and surfed his first try and was surprisingly good for a 50 year old. At least he came, my mom would only watch and didn't even come in a swimsuit. I conquered the barrel roll on a boogie board and after we all ended our session, my mom kept telling us that she could do it better than us. Psshhh.
Matson surfing
Dad knee boardin'
N* just boogie boarding
Having a blast boogie boarding! I really was laughing and having so much fun! 
For dinner, we all met up again at Macaroni Grill. I was seriously craving their Macaroni Cheese and so was Matson and N* too apparently.

Matson has closed eyes, of course. Read about Matson's Closed Eyes in Photographs Disorder here
I got spoiled on my birthday and got some great gifts! We ended the night by seeing the hilariously entertaining Pitch Perfect movie. "I sometimes have the feeling that I should do crystal meth, then I think hmm...better not."

Throughout my birthday and days after I was finding cute little notes like these all over. Thanks to sweet Matson! He was so fun and treated me like a queen...he even cleaned the whole house for me on the morning of my birthday! SAY WHAT!?

My in-laws spoiled me too with a homemade meal, my favorite eggless chocolate cake, and some special gifts! Oh and cuddle time with my little nephew was the perfect ending to my birthday.

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  1. shut up that grandma present is perfect. does she send you her clothes every year?