Friday, April 24, 2015

"He must really love his baby."

This week after Nixon's 4 month doctor check up, Matson and I went for a quick lunch before he had to get back to work. We knew it had to be quick so we went to Chick Fil A (probably my favorite fast food restaurant now and I don't usually like fast food). We walked in, ordered, paid, and then Matson went to the table with Nixon while I grabbed our sauces, napkins, and straws. While I was grabbing all that stuff, the older Chick Fil A employee that was refilling the ketchup packets looked at me and said, "He must really love his baby."

I smiled and said, "Oh yes he does."

The woman said back to me, "There is nothing sweeter than a dad who loves his son."

Right after she said that I smiled again, paused, and looked over at Matson who was looking into Nixon's baby car seat trying to get Nixon to smile at him. It really was one of those cheesy "I am the luckiest girl in the world" moments.

Matson really is quite a good dad. He works all day (literally sometimes it is all day long) for us and then he comes home to do even more for us. He plays or takes care of Nixon. He happily eats whatever meal I've prepared (even if it is soup - which he REALLY hates). He works out a second time with me (he goes to the gym early in the morning) because I can't all day. That workout is usually an Insanity workout which he hates probably even more than soup. He bathes Nixon and if you could just hear the giggles and splashing coming from the bathroom you would smile like I do each night. He reads Nixon a bedtime story. Then he spends time with me trying to get me to laugh or watch some silly television show. And he does all that EVERY single day.

Anyway, just had to brag about my hubby for a little bit and share what a stranger said about him. It was so sweet.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nixon - 4 Months

Adores books • Loves walks in the stroller & looking at anything & everything we pass by • 
Quite a sweaty little one (like his dad) • Is very content listening to Andrea Bocelli & other classical musical • All his shirts & bibs are drenched in drool & spit up • Wears size 6-12 month clothing • 
Not a fan of getting in his car seat • Occasionally giggles (when being tickled) but still waiting on his real laugh to debut

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nixon's Blessing

On the second Sunday of April, we name and blessed Nixon. His blessing was such a good day! We originally wanted to bless Nixon when he was two months old so that he would sleep and be calm for his blessing. But due to his RSV and hospital visit we had to postpone it until April when he was just a couple days shy of 4 months old. We were so worried that Nixon would cry and wail the whole way through his whole blessing. During the blessing it is tradition to have the baby laydown and all the priesthood holders hold him. Nixon is older now and not much of a fan of laying on his back. He likes to be up and looking around. Our little Nixon tends to be a sensitive dude. He can be smiley and incredibly happy one second then the next is crying and demanding food or a diaper change or something! So this moment and day was so special because Nixon was a little angel.

It was so special to see all the powerful and strong men in Nixon's life circled around him and holding him while Matson gave him a name and a blessing. It just made me so happy. Some of my favorite things from Nixon's blessing that I loved:

1. Later hearing that Nixon was on the verge of crying until Matson started the blessing. Kind of sweet that Matson's voice (or possibly the little bit of rocking that the men were doing) calmed him.

2. Matson blessing Nixon with "the qualities and traits of our Savior, Jesus Christ."

3. Matson blessing Nixon with a "desire to do what is right."

After Nixon's blessing we headed to our house for a brunch. My loving mother made loads of Eggcellent (an egg, ham, cheese, and potato mix) that is just "eggscellent"! We used that to make breakfast burritos. It was yummy! Something else I did that I want to do at all of my future kid's baby blesssings is I bought an LDS children's book to have all the guests sign so that he will always know who was there on his blessing day!

I kind of regret not taking more pictures. I have like 40 of Nixon but not of everyone else and the event. It was so special to have both our grandpa's in the circle along with our dad's and all our brothers. My brother from California came for it and it was so special to have everyone there!

'N' Cookies for Nixon! Thanks T* for making them!

Matson's Grandpa and family drove down from Brigham City/Logan to come!
This picture just shows you how tired our boy was. He skipped a nap and was so tired!