Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey I put some NEW SHOES on and everybody's smilin', it's so invitin'

New Shoes. Good song, sung by Paulo Nutini.

Don't you just love a brand new pair of clean, white tennis shoes? 
Uhh...I do not.
It is so hard for me to get the guts to actually wear them because I think they are going to get so dirty.
Anyway, a couple nights ago I worked up the guts to wear these brand new shoes after owning them for over a year and a half. I don't really wear tennis shoes much in the summer anyway because I just wear sandals. But I told myself, "I am wearing these today!"

And hey guess what? They didn't come home super dirty and now that I have worn them once I will probably wear them a lot more!

I wore them to Matson's family Pioneer Day (it was actually the day after pioneer day-the 25th) Block Party.
Matson off course spilled on his shorts so he had to borrow some sport shorts.

It slowly got windy and cold. Don't you guys like my attempt to frown?
Matson with his little neighborhood buddy, J*! Such a cute little boy. He later started falling asleep on Matson's "comfy chest".

It started POURING. Yet for some reason we all stayed outside waiting for it to pass so we could do fireworks. That didn't happen. Matson and I stayed under a huge umbrella with cute little S*. When I have kids (when..not now) I want my little boys to be cute and easy going like S* and J*!
Happy Belated Pioneer Day! 
And my advice for you today friends, get some guts and go wear your white tennis shoes (or your new white shorts or whatever in your closet still has a tag on it)!


A couple weeks ago, Matson and I had a BBQ and invited some of our friends over. I tried to be all cute and crafty to make for a fun afternoon/evening with our friends (I am in no way creative or crafty or good at making "cute" things). We hope to have another BBQ/game night before the summer is over!
You can laugh at my attempt to be cute. Or you can feel bad for me that 
I am not as crafty/creative/cute as you are.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Luh Goonie.

Last weekend we went to Lagoon with our friends C* and A*. We had a lot of fun with them and obviously could not handle a full day of fun because Matson and I were exhausted afterward from the sun and fun. Yes Lagoon is a little ghetto but we made the best out of it all and we had some fun people watching. I truly enjoyed the rides and we brought our food so we didn't have to buy the 10 buck dinners that should be half the price.

Just our cute Lagoon shot before we got all wet and sweaty.

This line was FOREVER long for the Log ride. Seriously was the longest ride wait. NOT WORTH IT. And Matson was pretty mad after this ride because he got so wet. "I call the back, I call the back" and little did he know that the back you get the most wet.

We dried off on the swings. I seriously love the swings!

We skipped a lot of the dumb rides we didn't want to go on or get sick on but Matson was like WE CAN'T miss the BUMPER BUTTS. It was actually really fun!

Funniest moment: Matson saw this little kid just driving around the outside and then Matson teasingly pointed at him & the kid was so scared. Haha. Matson got him.

We saw these way pretty peacocks too!
Fun day! Even though we were sweaty like hogs and enjoying all the wonderful people there. Thanks for coming with us C* & A*!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the 70's.

Like I have mentioned before, my sister and I have been cleaning out my mom's entire house. My parents have lived in the house they are currently living in for longer than any other house they have lived in so before my mom would just clean out every time we moved. But since it has been a decade (or possibly longer?) that they have lived in this house, she decided it was time to move or for a deep clean out. Moving wasn't an option...

This is where the "Welcome to the 70's" comes in. Where have these beauties been hiding?
My sister on the left is sporting the beautiful shirt my mother wore while she waited for my Dad on his mission. And I am sporting my mother's cheer shirt! So ballin'. This shirt is now in my closet instead of sitting in a box marked "Mom's Memorabilia".
My mother's very attractive cheer outfit. Jumper with overalls. So cool. And I can't forget to mention these little cheer statue versions of my Mom.
I know I have offered this idea before when we cleaned out my Grandma's house earlier this summer in this post, but people seriously go clean out your grandma's, mama's, aunt's, random neighbor's you get it whoever's closet slash house. It creates some true hilarious laughing moments and fun new things! Or you can just have a garage sale like my sister and I are having this weekend...Friday and Saturday. If you want the info let me know. Just comment with your email and I will email the times and address and such! Lots of good stuff. For reals. My family's junk could be your new shiny treasure.

Before I leave I thought I would leave you with one more picture treasure from cleaning out this past week. We were cleaning out my Dad's side of the closet it needed it 8 suits with dust an inch high and very outdated polos & such we were just throwing my dad's old clothes out of the closet when we found our little pup like this...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Advice Needed ASAP #2

So I need help again, friends. My beautiful friend J* is getting married mid August. I am one of her bridesmaids and I need a light pink/pale pink colored dress. I have been having the hardest time ever trying to find a dress. We are a month away and I am now in crunch time. My mom has gone to Vegas 2 times this summer and looked for me and nothing. Either too short and not many of that color this summer. Online I have looked all over but all too short, not the right color, or it is good just super expensive.

Here are some that I have found just not modest enough:
Pink ModCloth Dress
Lulu's Layered Pink Dress
Rewarding Moment ModCloth Dress

So...I need your help. Anybody know any good online dress sites? Or any LDS endowed woman have some advice to offer? Anything will do. I am good wearing a shrug, just not too short.
Please comment with your advice, tips, etc. Thanks!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last week I was nannying for the family I have been nannying for the summer. Apparently "nannying" is not a word...but in my vocabulary it is so sorry spell check. We were all watching the wonderful disney movie The Goofy Movie. During the scene when Goofy and Max had just left town for the road trip and are fighting about what music they should play and are going back and forth between some hill billy song and some teen rocker song then the tape player breaks and the tape is going all over the car, little E* (one of the boys I nanny) turns to me and asks,"What is that?" 

In my head I thought...what is that? He can't be talking about the car, Goofy, or Max, so he must be speaking about the tape. I then reply to E* by saying, "You mean the tape?" and then he says,"well what is that?"...this then turned into me explaining to E* and his older brother R* of what a tape is. They were completely confused why we would have a tape and something that literally had to be rewound and turned over to "Side B" to hear the rest of the tape.

Not that I am that old or anything or that I am that attached to tapes. But this is when it dawned on me that my children will have no idea what a tape is or a VHS. My mom still only has her Disney VHS movie collection because she refuses to re-buy all of them. So they (my future children) probably will see them. THANK GOODNESS.
But let's be honest here. We do not even own a VHS player or cassette tape player actually I take that back I have a karoake machine in storage that has a tape player. And my little sister has this cool Iphone case that makes the iphone look like a tape. And everytime someone new sees her case they OOOO and AHHH over it and how cool it is. Who would of thunk back in the 80's/90's or whenever that a tape phone case would really be that cool?

Anyway that's my little thought today on tapes and such.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Actual Concert.

I thought I would share some fun pictures from the Actual American Idol Concert now.
We (actually just Matson) took like seriously so much video on our Flip camera I think that is what it is called that I would share it all with you but it is just too much. So instead I will share a few photos so I don't bore you to death.

the first half of the concert did not feature much of Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery was not even in it! But it was still so good.

Stefano sang some of his hip hop/pop music!
Lauren singing her heart out!
Casey playing the Bassy. He really is so good at it. Matson loved when he sang "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5 in his own style.
I loved when Casey and Haley sang together. They really sing together well with their jazzy voices.
Lauren's part of the concert was so good. She sang her famous songs from the season along with her single "Like My Mother Does", which is super cute lyrics. This particular photo she is singing "Flat on the Floor" by Carrie Underwood. I can't wait for her album! She is such a wonderful performer and so cute and personable with the audience.
Haley Reinhart's section was so good. Even though Lauren was my favorite during the season, Haley chose the best songs throughout the whole season and sings so dang good. She sang "Bennie and the Jets" and "House of the Rising Sun". Both so good!
Then it was the American Idol's turn. His introduction was cool by showing all the past idols and when they were announced that they won, then ending with him winning and coming out singing "Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down looooow". He was super shy when we met him but he is a stud on the stage.
Scotty singing his single "I Love You this Big".
Lauren and Scotty sing super good together. Especially since they are the same age and style, it is cute.
"Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday..." Seriously he sings "Gone" so good, one of my favorites.

Once again, Matson and I had a blast at this concert if you can't tell...posted about it 2?. We seriously will never forget it and how fun it was meeting each of them. Today, a week after the concert, I still feel like Lauren is one of my friends. Thanks Mom and Dad! We are so grateful!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meeting the American Idols.

Do any of you watch American Idol?
If your answer is YES, then you will enjoy this post.
If NO, then maybe you won't but you can still go ahead and read.

Wellp, we do. 
My whole family watches it.
We are huge fans and we are sure proud of it.
 This season (Season 10) we got so into it.
When I say we got so into it, I mean it. 
So into it that it is July and I am still listening to all their songs they sung this season on the show daily. 
So into it that when my dad texted us 2 month ago to ask us if we were interested in go to the American Idol concert that we quickly replied YES!  
So into it that when my dad told us we had 5th row tickets while walking out of a movie our jaws dropped and we were freaking out!
So into it and even more into it when my dad told us we were going to the Meet and Greet where we would meet some of the idols, we went crazy like little kids going to Disneyland for the 1st time.
So crazy into it that the anticipation was just too much, especially the day of it was like it was Christmas morning. 
So incredibly into it that we went 2 hours before the show, waited to meet the idols, then found out we were not going to just meet some but all of them and get to mingle and talk with them for a while, and then truly enjoyed the concert they put on. 

I will tell the rest of our night by the pictures and videos. Enjoy :)
Before we went in, all the idols waiting for us to come in! You have no idea how excited all of us were.
My dad's favorite at the beginning was Pia. He was so sad when she got off, so he had to have a picture with her. We thought it was funny that just the 2 guys got a picture with her and her leopard bra. Haha!
I know, I know, I know. It is  blurry. But we loved Lauren so much, the whole season from her 1st audition I wanted her to win! Definitely a favorite of ours to meet! She just has the best personality, she is so personable and sweet. I hope she comes to Stadium of Fire soon!!!
The better picture of us. After talking to her and teasing her about being "stuck in the corner" (that's where she was signing and everyone kept kinda pushing her back into the corn), we felt like we knew her and she was our good friend. She really is such a sweetheart!
Scotty was nice, a little shy or maybe nervous for the first show or something. But still nice and really opens up in his element (his element=the stage). Great performer and singer!

Haley, she is just so cute! She is a pipsqueak.  I loved all her song picks from the season and listen to them all the time. We talked to her for a little bit and we kinda teased with her on what to sign in our book for us.
She signed "So hott" and then Matson said to her, "C'mon you gotta write H.A.G.S" and she just laughed and said, "Oh yeah...I remember that from high school."
Paul...Matson was surprised at how tall he is. Haha from T.V. we thought he was a shorter guy like Ryan Seacrest, but he is almost as tall as Matson.
And yep, that smile is still so beautiful people! We told him that my sister thought he was soo good and a good looker. He was super cool and fun to meet.
James Durbin, people. He was not as enthusiastic in person as we thought. But man he did great in the concert getting the whole crowd to go crazy!
Casey was definitely another favorite to meet! He made silly or funny faces in almost every picture he took with people.

Matson and him were teasing each other. Matson said, "I keep seeing you kiss the ladies on the cheek and hugging them..." Casey was all, "Oh you want some?"
We have this all on video from a guy that was there. GO onto Matson's facebook here (if you aren't friends with him then let me know) and watch the video. It is pretty funny. He posted it on his wall on July 7, 2011.
Then Casey was all let me kiss your wife. And he hit Matson and was all "C'mon man". So he did! (Once again, watch the video. It is pretty cool!)
Stefano was too also very nice. I made a fool of myself and asked him where he this huge scar from on his whole arm. Oh duh Erica...they talked about it on the show. That was his story that he got in a big car accident.
Jacob was super nice. He noticed Matson didn't have a ring on (Matson left his at home when we were in a rush to get ready and get going) and that I did and was all...."Ohhh is something big about to happen here." Oh nope...we have married for almost a year already.
As you can tell we were all pretty sweaty in this little room.

The videos will not load up onto my blog...does anyone know how to do that? 
Well in the mean time you can go to my facebook here is a video that Matson took of all of them around the room. Lauren was super funny and kept talking to us throughout the whole meet and greet after we met her. We almost felt like her favorites or something to meet. At 15 seconds until about 40 seconds she interacts with us.

Thanks Pops and Mom for taking us with you to the American Idol Live Concert and the Meet and Greet (If they are coming to your city you must go, it's a good concert!)!!

Who is your favorite American Idol from this season?
I will blog more about the actual concert and such next time with more pictures and videos. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th.

4th of July is BY far both of our favorite holidays (we both love Christmas, of course, but the 4th is so festive too plus warm).

the 4th in our neck of the woods is more than just the 4th of July, it is more like the 1st, 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th well at least this year it was.

We started the festivities on the 1st with our friends H* and K* and new baby C* whom I was happy to "help" hold and get to sleep at the end of our night (he makes me a little baby hungry...but no jumping to conclusions here people). Anyway we went to dinner at a yummy dinner at the Trolley then went to the Freedom Festival to check it out real quick. Next, we went to JCW's for the yummiest and cheapest ice cream cone in town and I made a fool of myself hiding from someone...long story. We ended the night chit chatting all night.

Matson and K* being goofs and eating their ice cream.
The 2nd started with a nice bike ride throughout town with my parents and us. We rode to the Provo's Farmers Market (picked up a limeade to share) and then we rode to the Freedom Festival (picked up 2 frozen bananas my dad's fave treat and the way to his heart to all share) and then we rode around for a while longer then finally headed home before my bum fell off from being so durn numb.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of this:
Matson was seriously asleep laying in the pool. We all enjoyed the rays before the Stadium of Fire.
Then STADIUM of FIRE buh bump buh bumm (that's the song beats in the "Stadium of Fire" song, which sounds just like the singer/song "Eye of the Tiger"). We went with my family to it and truly enjoyed it. My sister and I enjoyed the concert part probably more than the rest of the fam but dang were those fireworks uh-maz-ing. We were so pumped.  

We ate at DQ before. Yum. Mint Oreo Blizzard.
Matson has this thing about ruining EVERY picture we take. No idea he was just gonna lift me up?!
Me and my darlin' (and tan) sister!
Before the show stared we went and found Matson's family!
Finally a cute one :) All red, white, and blued out.

Matson and my brother J* and a super bright green light?
He had quite a cool stage/screen! Fun show.
Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us! 

The 3rd was just a normal Sunday teaching the Sunbeams and family dinner then the night consisted of some long waiting out on the parade route (I learned my lesson this year, folks. I am just not cut out for doing it. I get a little cranky with not much sleep and I truly do not enjoy the motorcycles zooming by all night). It was fun to be with friends and family talking, playing games and OH killing ants?

Matson, B*, and M* being silly right before they thought of their brilliant plan to burn and kill all the ants right by our area?
Matson preparing to kill the ants. I was actually glad they did because their was quite the ant hill by us!
Some of the burning (the were burning things for qutie some time). Boys will always be boys.
This here would be my 4 in the morning "shoot me" face.
The 4th consisted of the parade which I had watched uh....never because I cheered in it in High School and never been to it since, and then we were both exhausted so we napped til the afternoon then rolled on over to Matson's family house for a movie. Then we went to my parent's for some dinner and games. Then back to his family's home for their fireworks show loved all the Saturn Missiles! And then again back to my parents house oh the joys of having two families only blocks away from each other...seriously it really is nice to be able to be with both and enjoy each family's festivities for their fireworks show...Matson and my brother went a little crazy lighting all the fireworks that my dad went a little crazy on buying this year when we had a WHOLE cupboard already of 3 big boxes of fireworks we didn't need 2 more. But it made for some fun! Our friends T* and F* came over in the mid of our firework show and were a little scared of some tipping over and burning them? haha. I guess our family is too pyromaniac too think about that stuff. 
Matson lighting fireworks off. He loved it.
C* was so afraid of the fireworks!
I guess I am a child at heart because every firework session I gotta light a sparkler!
Thank you everyone for a very fun filled (4 days) 4th of July!
We can't wait until next year!
But even closer...we can't wait until the 24th (another holiday to light up some more fireworks and celebrate the pioneers)!