Thursday, November 4, 2010

the halloweekend report

long day of stressing about school and coming down with the worst sore throat resulting in a manly voice, followed by some pumpkin carving at the in laws
BEWARE! pumpkin with creepy eyes
matson's electrocuted pumpkin
started with a little bit of a sleep in, horrible sore throat, boring school, then i came home just exhausted and not looking forward to work from 4-9pm, where i would not be able to speak on the phone very well and when a customer calls in he/she would be shocked when i tell them my name is erica when i sound more like an eric, and i was not looking forward to writing a paper for my history class. i called matson and told him i was going to call in a sick day. so i did, then matson went over to my department and told my manager for me. so nice of him. then my kind manager told matson he would get my saturday morning shift off for me too, so i could get feeling better. THANK YOU! i then wrote my history paper for the next 3 hours and was excited when matson came home. he surprised me with zupas soup and a jamba juice! what a sweetheart! THANK YOU! matson did homework too. then we both fell asleep until 7pm. i have not fallen asleep during the day in forever. if you're sick, i would recommend it. then still feeling sick we carved some of our own pumpkins!
i love matson's big pumpkins ticked off face.
my pumpkin is eating matson's pumpkin! oops!
slept in, went to the uvu library to study with matson, came home for a nice after study snack. so there i was cutting some cheddar cheeeeeese then VAVOOOOM! i cut my finger. very bad. on the side of my left pointer finger. it went right into my finger. matson looked at it and we did look to far because we didn't wanna see the bone. we wrapped it and tried to stop the bleeding. band aids did not work (someone should invent THICKER band aids). so we put cotton balls on it and wrapped it with medicine tape. too bad i wasn't something gooey/scary for halloween. the cut would of gone right along! anyway now i am sporting this sweet frankenstein-ish cut on my finger.

so we got ready and dressed, dyed matson's hair, put my wig on, and headed out for our Mormon/Utah Halloween night. What were we?? Take a look (no one got it, but we did and we had fun with our costumes.

we were heidi klum and tim gunn from project runway! matson and i have watched the past two seasons together and we love that show. matson quotes tim gunn all the time by saying "Thank You Moooood!" or "make it work" and all his famous lines. we had fun dressing up and we will do it every year. but maybe next year we will be something easier for people to recognize. we visited family, friends, and ended the night with a treat and Hocus Pocus. at the end of the night matson and i came home and he wanted to have his own little photo shoot. here are just a few of them:

church, we watched The Testaments, and then headed to my madre's house to help prepare for the Richards Donut (or is it doughnut) Party! We cut out donuts, ate dinner at the Tanner family's home, then cooked & ate MORE than our fair share of donuts. it was a fun weekend. and we look forward to the upcoming holidays even more!!


  1. cute costumes Erica! Love your pumpkins!

  2. I love my costume! Thanks babe for the great idea!

  3. haha i love this erica! you guys are so cute