Friday, April 29, 2011

grandma is a hoot

my grandma my dad's mom is a hoot.
seriously hilarious. I am so lucky to have her for my Grandma!
She is the best. She is from Denmark and with her heavy accent, she makes for some fun laughs.
She wears 2-3 rings on each finger and when she claps her hands together or does the family slide your hands together thing if you are in our family you know what I mean otherwise...sorry. it makes the best sound of all her clinking rings. she gives some of the greatest gifts and sings even though she knows she doesn't sing on tune...sadly she passed that on to my dad. But most of all she brings our family lots of fun!

My Wedding with Grandma D*, Me, and her Husband E*
she has some pretty famous stories. just to name a few:
1. the marilyn monroe dress flying up above her head as she walked over a vent in the ground.
2. at our wedding she walked right behind matson as he revved the engine of the Lambo, blowing her hair crazy.
3. the garlic bread story that she said was just fine after being way overcooked. she took a bite then her teeth were all charcoal black.

this weekend as she has stayed with us there have been a few more laughs added to the list.

we were playing a game called What Were You Thinking? seriously the most fun game. go get it or buy it on the internet! It is a super fun board game where you try to guess or come up with the most popular answer to the questions, but they are not necessarily the correct answers. Then whoever gets the least popular answers gets a penalty card. Then the person with the most penalty cards it the loser and everyone else wins! So i will start out by telling you that Grandma Doris was the loser, but it was hilarious. here are just a few of her answers to the questions asked that i thought i would share with you to bring a smile to your face do not think I am horrible and making fun of my grandma, she enjoys when we all get a kick out of her, all her sons & grandchildren laugh a lot when grandma says/does silly things:
  • What countries have the highest standards of living?
    • We all answered with U.S.A, Japan, Switzerland, Monaco etc.
    • Grandma's answers included China and Mexico After Grandma said this I told her about where my brother T* lived on his mission with no doors and huge cracks and no toilets...MAN quite the high standard there...not. ha.
  •  What are 3 different ways to misspell potato?
    • We all answer with variations of potato such as Potatoe, Potatto, etc.
    • Grandma answers with Spuds actually pretty funny since it is a name for potato but does not really answer the question...
  • Name 5 things that you think of when you think of the Letter J.
    • Grandma is up first to tell us her 5 J words and she starts our great with Joy, Joyous, Joyful, Joy to the World, and then by her last answer of Happiness we knew she heard wrong! We were all laughing quite loud then she goes, "What? It is 5 things that you think of when you think of joy, right?" Sorry Grandma, but no. She lost that round too.
  • What are 5 things you think of when you think of the Cold War?
    • We all say things such as USSR, USA, Reagan, No Real Fighting, etc.
    • Grandma answers Jerusalem and Religion apparently the Cold War was in Jerusalem and had a lot to do with Religion?
  We love you Grandma and all the Joy you bring to us with your funny comments and stories!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter wrap up.

my family LOVES easter.
it is as great as Christmas.
this year didn't seem as much like Easter with all the family and wedding things, but it was still GREAT! We are so blessed.
The Easter Egg Hunt...we know all the hiding spots yet still struggle to find them!
We are all older and still look forward to our Easter Egg Hunt. It is hilarious. This year Matson found all of his first again. Brother J* was last. I found all mine for once in my life! The last few years months pass and it is October and our friends randomly find them in the basement and get a buck.
In my Easter basket I got just what I needed! Fruit snacks, a cute tee, cami, my favorite MAC eyeshadow, and a new shaver/body wash/lotion.

Matson was a little sick after the wedding and staying up late. So excuse his just waking up look at 6pm.
Matson's parents gave us fun Itunes gift cards...Matson looks forward to getting probably more apps and games to distract him from school and such.

I made our families these cookies, which I would totally make year round if Cadburry eggs were out year round why don't they sell them year round anyway? I made this cute little tag to go on the outside of the cookies too from these bunny ears.
It was fun to have both sets of grandparents here too!
Grandma H* and Sister A* after Easter Din Din!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


tycole. that is the name of my brother & his new wife meshed together.
my brother got married this last saturday. it was a great eventful day! he married the love of his life and a lovely girl who i am very happy to welcome into the family! 

the day started at 11am at the SLC Temple. After a bunch of pictures we made our way back to my parent's house for a yummy lunch with the family. my favorite=the yummy Edible Arrangement.
after that matson and matt went to help set up at the reception place, Spark, which also has the BEST food. go there this weekend and get the kobe burger, seriously worth the 13 bucks for it.
 while matson cleaned up for some reason my sister and I went to the BYU Creamery to use her dorm money up and got loads of ice cream? RANDOM. then we got ready together at her room.

after getting our bridesmaid outfit attire on we headed to Spark for the reception and took some more pics-family pics, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Then the reception started. Loads of friends, family, food, and my fave part the dancing. But T*'s favorite part probably equaled the driving away in the Ferrari.

(These Photos all from Hayley Hernandez)
The Cool Mocktails

Spark Restaurant in Provo. The dancing crowd!
Matson and I standing on the red carpet before the Bride and Groom came out!
Matson was so pumped that he could take the top down. Him and cars.

Preparing for take off
After clean up, we sat in our family room for a couple hours with the family and chatted. Then my sibs (minus T* & N* cause they were at their hotel..haha) and matson and our friend M* and my bro's friend S* went to Village Inn. We were hungry.

All in all, so happy to have another married couple in the family and especially Nicole. It is always fun to have more girls around!  

P.S. For more pictures of the Temple & Reception keep a look out at Moxie Shots on her Blog. She was the wonderful photographer!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


my friend is getting married august 20th and she send out bridesmaid invites the other day! I love the whole bridesmaid invite thing. I did it for my wedding to invite my friends, sister, and sister-in-laws. BUT mine were not as cute and creative as my friend J*'s! I tried to attempt this cute idea for bridesmaid invites, but I sucked and was not good at it at all! J* is way better than me and much more creative.

These are just so fun, cute, and make the whole bridesmaid thing official!
gotta give credit where credit is due. the idea came from this fun site I referenced to during my wedding: Once Wed.
aren't the little paper dolls so cute?
the actual invite
i am so excited about her wedding! and so happy for her! congrats J* and S*!

Speaking of creativeness...I want to journalize that is so not a word my blog. I have heard of people doing it, but does anyone know how to? 
do i just copy and paste into Microsoft Word then print?
i need YOUR advice.

look forward to a post about something that I created.
it's actually pretty cool...if i say so myself.

Monday, April 11, 2011

===horizontal stripes===

my mother has always said that horizontal stripes are a no in the clothing department. you just don't wear them. they make you look chubbier/wider than you really are. and who wants that?
usually i take mother's advice especially since according to the movie Tangled "Mother KNOWS Best" ,right? well recently i've ignored my mother's advice and have purchased horizontal stripes a lot.
this high waisted skirt from White House Black Market, a couple shirts, and some shirts for matson.
i like horizontal stripes now.
especially my new items i was talking about above, that i purchased in Vegas this last weekend.
But...yes there is a but i have come to find that my mother's advice can be true.
you just gotta pair the horizontally striped clothing item with the right thing.
plus, the thinner the stripes the better.
at least that's my opinion.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CHE-CHE-Check it out!

a little belated...
we got our videos a while ago from our wedding.
but just barely letting you all go check them out.
I would upload them on here but that would take forever.
So my Dad uploaded them to our family website.
Here is the list of the videos on the site:
  1. Growing Up Video, which was shown at our reception (my dad cries everytime he watches it) have fun either crying or having some black mail on Matson & I.
  2. Bridal/Groomal Video, which was also shown at our reception
  3. The Wedding Video...Get the whole day experience. The first 3 minutes is us telling about "how we met" which is more like "how we started to like each other". You can skip that and just watch the whole day...
  4. This is the longer version of the first dance/daddy-daughter dance...No need to watch that one.