Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nixon - 10 Months

Loves when we pretend we can't see him & then find him • The messiest eater ever • Obsessed with the baths & crawls so fast to it once he hears the water • Gets so mad when he has to get his diaper or clothes changed & always tries to get away • Crawls so quick when he hears you say, "I'm gonna get you!" • Has 6 teeth, days away from cutting 2 more • Has really started to like cars • Occasionally bites & pinches �� • Lover of all books

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nixon - 9 Months

Feeding himself > Mom feeding him • Learned to crawl & loves it • Loves big kids (especially cousin Brigs), he stares & smiles at them (even stranger big kids at the store) • Doesn't enjoy diaper changes or getting dressed • Gives the all time best kisses! • Requires two good naps each day • Lights up when we dance or sing for him • Has 3 teeth • Very determined • Will eat anything (Can you tell? ��) • Likes to dump all his toys out then play with them • Still is all about the outdoors • Happy 9 months Nixon! This boy makes us happier and happier each day! #sorryitsblurry #hewouldntsitstill

Friday, August 21, 2015

Nixon - 8 Months

Loves to play with iPhones & car keys • Started jibber jabbering & it is the cutest thing! • Discovered steak & liked it & Dad loved that he liked it • Has 2 teeth on the bottom & 1 coming in on the top • Frustrated that he can't crawl but spends a lot of time reaching with all his might • Laughs at dogs and loves them • Thinks his cousins are the coolest ever • Loves YouTube (Favorite As of Late: "ABC Phonics Song") • Screams of excitement when Dad comes home • We love our big 8 month old! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nixon - 7 Months

Finally rolling over! • Thinks Costco Cups...yes, Costco concession stand blue Pepsi cups are the greatest things but honestly loves all cups • Reaches for people and things he wants • Still loves all things outdoors • Started cutting his first tooth & both of us aren't fans • Clenches his fists & shakes when he's excited • Wears 12-18 & 18-24 clothing

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy 1st Father's Day, Matson!

Tomorrow is Father's Day and I was going to write this post then but right now little Nixon is asleep and has been for 2 hours. Which means I was able to get all that I was planning on doing during his nap all done (a mother's dream) and so now I have a little extra time! PLUS, I am sure you will get your fair share of Father's Day instagram, Facebook, and blog posts tomorrow. So I thought I would beat everyone to the punch!

Last Father's Day, being a parent was just a dream for Matson and I. I remember him saying so weird that next year at this time I will be a real D-A-D. As I am sure you were looking forward to it, I am sure that you didn't realize how hard it truly would be. So on Father's Day I want to celebrate you, the dad in our family, and all the roles that go along with being a dad that aren't quite glamorous and are  not usually celebrated. But they are very much appreciated.

These last 6 months as a new daddy you have taken on even some new roles like a personal chef. I remember when I was sick and those first couple of months when Nixon was little and what seemed like he was always breastfeeding you would cook me up some meal, which you rarely did before. It has been very much appreciated.

You are the protector. You've always been very protective of the ones you love and I love that about you.

You are the biggest fan. You have wallpapered your desk at work with pictures of Nixon and always bragging about him. I love that you love him and just want to tell everyone about him, without trying to brag TOO much ;).

The cleaner. Every SINGLE night you bathe Nix and he just loves it. I love that you and him have that time to bond with each other. I will be honest, sometimes I get jealous that I hear the two of you giggling in there but I honestly LOVE that you two get to have that time together.

Well I don't wanna make this too long. But since most likely tomorrow, on Father's Day, I may not get to say all these things to you due to nap time, teething, fussiness, or maybe even a blowout, I just want you to know that  I love you and I know that Nixon loves you too. Happy first true Father's Day, Mats! You're not only the best dad, but you are the best person to have at my side as my parenting, adventure, and life partner!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Nixon - 6 Months

Will eat anything we give him • Grew out of his infant car seat (which was supposed to last for a year...) • Calmed by music especially Andrea Bocelli and The MoTab's "The Lord's Prayer" • Wears size 12-18 month clothes • Can sit up alone • Still no rolling over - he blames the chub • Pacifier addicted • Loves swimming, walks, hikes, & bike rides! • 

Happy half birthday, Nix!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Nixon - 5 Months

Nixon is almost 6 better late than never!

An outdoor loving boy • STILL hates getting in his car seat • Has nailed the toe touch • 
Likes all the solids he has tasted so far especially puréed bananas 
(he whines if we don't feed them to him fast enough) 
• Enjoys leisure dips in the pool • Baby Einstein junkie • 
• Talks all day long with most words starting with the "g" sound - gee, goo, gaa • 
Happy 5 months to the boy who can make us smile even when he's pooping! ��

Friday, April 24, 2015

"He must really love his baby."

This week after Nixon's 4 month doctor check up, Matson and I went for a quick lunch before he had to get back to work. We knew it had to be quick so we went to Chick Fil A (probably my favorite fast food restaurant now and I don't usually like fast food). We walked in, ordered, paid, and then Matson went to the table with Nixon while I grabbed our sauces, napkins, and straws. While I was grabbing all that stuff, the older Chick Fil A employee that was refilling the ketchup packets looked at me and said, "He must really love his baby."

I smiled and said, "Oh yes he does."

The woman said back to me, "There is nothing sweeter than a dad who loves his son."

Right after she said that I smiled again, paused, and looked over at Matson who was looking into Nixon's baby car seat trying to get Nixon to smile at him. It really was one of those cheesy "I am the luckiest girl in the world" moments.

Matson really is quite a good dad. He works all day (literally sometimes it is all day long) for us and then he comes home to do even more for us. He plays or takes care of Nixon. He happily eats whatever meal I've prepared (even if it is soup - which he REALLY hates). He works out a second time with me (he goes to the gym early in the morning) because I can't all day. That workout is usually an Insanity workout which he hates probably even more than soup. He bathes Nixon and if you could just hear the giggles and splashing coming from the bathroom you would smile like I do each night. He reads Nixon a bedtime story. Then he spends time with me trying to get me to laugh or watch some silly television show. And he does all that EVERY single day.

Anyway, just had to brag about my hubby for a little bit and share what a stranger said about him. It was so sweet.