Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Pathway to Becoming a Golfer

Since Matson works for a golf company (ForeUp) we figured that he should strengthen his golf skills. He has golfed since being in my family but he wouldn't consider himself a good golfer. In addition to him strengthening his golf skills, he thought I should strengthen mine. I have golfed maybe once in my life. And since he works for a golf company...I wouldn't wanna embarrass him or nothin' so I agreed to go golfing. Therefore we went golfing with some friends of ours! Good thing is that E* and K* are pro golfers and literally helped me get so much better (not like I was even good to begin with). It was a lot of fun and I think there will be more golfing for us in the future! Especially with our little boy.

Don't I look like such a happy golfer? Psshhhh...

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Baby Shower for the Best Girl

My sis in law, N*, is having her baby soon! Therefore, we had to shower her and my first future niece with love. We planned for the shower to be outside but due to Utah's sketchy weather we moved things more inside. I loved everything about this shower. The food, the guests, the colors, the flowers, and everything about it. I am so happy for my sis in law and honestly can't wait to meet my little niece soon (and when I say soon I seriously mean soon).

Photos by Kimmy Ashworth of Pearl Pixels and Kristina Hyatt