Friday, November 18, 2011

My Thanksgiving List: 9 Things I am Grateful for in 2011

Since next week we will be in Cancun for Thanksgiving hallelujah this break is needed I will be presenting you all with my Thanksgiving Gratitude List for this year. We are so excited to go to Cancun tomorrow! And I haven't even packed...I usually am the week before kind of a packer not the night before. Anyway here is my gratitude list IN NO ORDER I have a hard time rating things or choosing anything really...ask me my favorite food and I will probably give you like 5 answers or ask me my favorite movie and I could maybe just maybe narrow it down to 8. I am grateful for all of these things. Warning: I may get emotional.

I am grateful for...

Family- I am so grateful for all my family. I would write something for each of them individually because they each deserve one, but that would just be boring for you. My husband, parents, siblings, in-laws, and all our family are the ones that make the biggest difference in my life on a day-to-day basis. They are the ones that make the good days even better and the bad days a little brighter. I seriously love all my family so much and all that they do for me.
Matson's Family - January 2011

My Family (@ My Brother's Wedding) - April 2011

Rookie - I know what you are all thinking..."Your dog really? She gets one whole list herself?" Yes, she does. She seriously brings me so much joy. I can be feeling so down and then I see Rookie dance to a musical greeting card or bury a bone in the dirt in an indoor plant and BAM! just like that I am so happy. She not only brings me joy but she brings it to so many others too. Like, watching Matson play with her is the best thing in the world. Rook loves Matson so much. And no matter how many times my mom says that she doesn't like cleaning up after her and I can't count how many times my mom has said, "She's YOUR dog, not mine!" But my mom loves her so much. I mean just look at those ears...

Friends - We have some of the greatest friends. I hope that we have been just as good of friends to them as they have been to us. Thankful for all the laughs, the advice, the times where they just let us vent, the text messages, the fun dates, the parties, and just everything. 
T*, C*, Matson, and I Skiing - January 2011

M* and Matson - April 2011

Me & J* - Her Wonderful Wedding Day August 2011

Matson & K* - July 2011

Halloween Party with Friends - October 2011

The Church and The Scriptures - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is such a blessing in my life. I am so thankful for the gospel, the scriptures, and that I am able to go to church every week and take the sacrament where I get to renew my covenants and pretty much start over again and again each week we just taught our sunbeams class about the Sacrament last week, it is fresh in my mind! I am thankful that I was raised an LDS member and I am thankful for my testimony. I know that with daily scripture study your life is strengthened daily. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and that he knows me personally. I also know that Jesus Christ is my savior and that he died for me. I know that I can be with my husband and family for eternity if I am obedient and keep my covenants with God. All in all, it may not be the strongest testimony but I am so thankful for it.  

Our Health - I am so thankful that I am healthy, Matson is healthy, and our family is healthy. My grandpa has had some health problems this year and I have cried multiple nights in fear that he will not be ok. I love him so much and I actually have some tears forming in my eyes now just thinking of him. Health is such an important thing. Matson and I try our best to go to the gym daily and eat as best as we can. Minus Matson's occasional Dr. Pepper and my horrible obsession with rolls and homemade sweets!

Vacations - This year we were lucky to go on a few vacations and like I said earlier, we are leaving to Cancun tomorrow! It was so much fun to see different sites, visit family, catch some sun, eat yummy foods, and spend time with each other all day long (instead of just a few hours). Traveling is something that we love and will always do. I am sure when we are old and retired I guarantee that is what we will be spending our money on. 
Seattle Pikes Place Market - May 2011

Caribbean Cruise - August 2011

Cancun Honeymoon - August 2010 (Going there in 24 hours)
Pillow Talks - Each night after our bedtime routine, we lay down, and instantly I start talking unless I am dead dog tired. Most nights Matson says something like, "Erica I have work at 6am. I have to be up in 4 or 5 hours" or "Erica...I am exhausted." BUT some nights Matson falls for my trap and we talk the night away. Those nights are the best. We talk about everything and usually laugh hysterically. These pillow talks are some of my most favorite memories with my husband and I am so thankful for them. 
Thanksgiving Break November 2010 - We were feeling chidlike so we made a fort, watched a movie in it, and pillow talked in it until we fell asleep!
Pinterest - This year I was introduced to Pinterest. I guess you could say I am a little addited, but I do not spend all my time on it. Only when class gets boring or Matson is doing homework and I am not. I love it and it provides me with great holiday decoration ideas, recipes, fashion tips, hair tips, and so much more! I may waste some of my time away on it, but I really do enjoy it! My new hobby...
Children - No, we are not pregnant, yet we look so forward to the day when we will have our own children. But I could not forget children in this list. They bring me so much happiness, laughter, and they are so dang funny when they aren't even trying to be funny which is even more funny (wow I just funny 3x in a sentence...did it even make sense?). From the kindergartners I volunteer for 2x a week (I wish so badly that I had a picture of this little girl in the class that talks just like my sister when she was little, she has the same haircut as my sister did at that age, and she is very independent like my sister was...she is so precious), to the boys and girls in our Sunbeam class, and to the children I nanny - they all bring me such happiness and daily I have a smile on my face from these children.
E* and his family white board drawing. I am the one in the yellow dress with the orange flower. Too cute.

H* and I both aren't too great at making fishy faces.

Our sunbeams dressed in our clothes on our "We are Thankful for Clothing" lesson.

I am sooo blessed and therefore need to be sooo thankful!
I hope you all have such a wonderful Thanksgiving!
My one Thanksgiving tip:
Let the Holiday eating start now.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your Responses Needed

Blog Friends,

The guy above, my hubs, has provided us all with a link to a research survey to a new concept that Matson's BYU team is working on.

Reasons to do this survey:
  1. If you like me
  2. If you like Matson
  3. If you are a BYU fan
  4. If you are nice
  5. It takes 3 minutes...simple stuff here peoples.
  6. Just take it :)

Here is this survey:

Thanks ladies and probably the one man that reads this...or any at all.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Will Never Get Old.

Multiple times a day I find myself going to the "Photos" and videos on my phone to see this video that makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

The little girl I nanny was missing her Mom so we decided to record a video to text to her mom who was out of town for a week.

My favorite is how she says, "Nooo" which sounds more like uhhh duh of course I have nothing else to say. And pretty sure we (Matson and I) quote this all the time "I love you and I kiss you all night."

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Festivities.

I could post about each detail and little super fun thing. But I am just going mash it all into one small ish post.

Friday-We went with my brother T* and his wife to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Pointe. It was such a blast. First we ate at this random little fast food joint that my sis in law's dad invested in. Then we headed to Cornbelly's. I had never been and it was such a blast! And when I have kids I am totally going to plan a whole day there because there was so much to do: corn mazes, haunted mazes, play places, bouncy toys, bouncy trampoline like balloon things to jump on, hay pit, plastic duck races, pumpkin tetherball, jack-o-lantern tower, tractors, swings, pig races, and seriously so much more. We went late at night so we didn't do it all but we enjoyed a lot!

Matson loved the HUGE rocking chair. Right when we first saw he said like a little child, "I want a picture on that."

All four of us as "Farm-tastic" Animals.
Matson on the bouncy trampoline like thing.

N*'s weird jump. Seriously we laughed so hard on this thing & were bouncing & playing around with these crazy group of young boys.
Pirate Ship Play Place. I will take an order of this in our future backyard.


The guys counting off for their duck races.

Lassoing a pink cow.

Pumpkin Tetherball. This got quite intense. Matson's height seemed to be an advantage.
Saturday-We went to a fun Halloween party with friends. Beforehand we made some easy desserts, made our homemade Mario Kart in Battle Mode (with balloons), and then headed to the party! We had a blast - we ate yummy Cafe Rio style salads, ate desserts, costume contest, and played many games including Mafia, What Were You Thinking?, and Catch Phrase. Such a fun Party! Thanks to B* and E* for inviting us and all the work you put into it!
Mario & Luigi Mario Kart Battle Mode.

Homemade. Loved our costumes this year. So fun and really not hard to make!
I made those Rice Krispie Pumpkins off Pinterest

Along with some easy Pumpkin Cookies and my friend H* made these yummy ghosts.

Our good friends H* & K* (dressed as the Princess Bride), us, and N* & T* (dressed as Mrs. Butterworth's & a Waffle).
Like I said, we played some games at this party and it got very intense. I think like 97% of the people there are very competitive. We played Catch Phrase guys vs ladies. Ladies won of course.
The winners (I have no idea why I am hunched over so oddly) but hey we won!!

The poor losers.

Monday (Halloween Day)-School, school, school, normal day. But I didn't have work so I got to get some stuff done! Every Halloween my parents throw a Homemade Donut Halloween Party. the donuts are DELISH I only let myself have 2 or I get so sick. But they are so worth it. This year we made the usual glazed, cinnamon sugar, and added maple donuts. Maple were by far the best. It's lots of work to make the donuts but so much fun.
Making the donuts is quite the process: making dough (mama did that..thanks!), cutting out the donuts, frying the donuts, decorating/putting cinnamon sugar or maple or glaze onto the donuts.
Worst thing is I swear my hair still smells like grease. YUCK! I washed it like 3x Halloween night.
N* and I making some yummy donuts.

Hope your Halloween was as wonderful and fun as ours!