Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the 70's.

Like I have mentioned before, my sister and I have been cleaning out my mom's entire house. My parents have lived in the house they are currently living in for longer than any other house they have lived in so before my mom would just clean out every time we moved. But since it has been a decade (or possibly longer?) that they have lived in this house, she decided it was time to move or for a deep clean out. Moving wasn't an option...

This is where the "Welcome to the 70's" comes in. Where have these beauties been hiding?
My sister on the left is sporting the beautiful shirt my mother wore while she waited for my Dad on his mission. And I am sporting my mother's cheer shirt! So ballin'. This shirt is now in my closet instead of sitting in a box marked "Mom's Memorabilia".
My mother's very attractive cheer outfit. Jumper with overalls. So cool. And I can't forget to mention these little cheer statue versions of my Mom.
I know I have offered this idea before when we cleaned out my Grandma's house earlier this summer in this post, but people seriously go clean out your grandma's, mama's, aunt's, random neighbor's you get it whoever's closet slash house. It creates some true hilarious laughing moments and fun new things! Or you can just have a garage sale like my sister and I are having this weekend...Friday and Saturday. If you want the info let me know. Just comment with your email and I will email the times and address and such! Lots of good stuff. For reals. My family's junk could be your new shiny treasure.

Before I leave I thought I would leave you with one more picture treasure from cleaning out this past week. We were cleaning out my Dad's side of the closet it needed it 8 suits with dust an inch high and very outdated polos & such we were just throwing my dad's old clothes out of the closet when we found our little pup like this...

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