Sunday, July 24, 2011

Luh Goonie.

Last weekend we went to Lagoon with our friends C* and A*. We had a lot of fun with them and obviously could not handle a full day of fun because Matson and I were exhausted afterward from the sun and fun. Yes Lagoon is a little ghetto but we made the best out of it all and we had some fun people watching. I truly enjoyed the rides and we brought our food so we didn't have to buy the 10 buck dinners that should be half the price.

Just our cute Lagoon shot before we got all wet and sweaty.

This line was FOREVER long for the Log ride. Seriously was the longest ride wait. NOT WORTH IT. And Matson was pretty mad after this ride because he got so wet. "I call the back, I call the back" and little did he know that the back you get the most wet.

We dried off on the swings. I seriously love the swings!

We skipped a lot of the dumb rides we didn't want to go on or get sick on but Matson was like WE CAN'T miss the BUMPER BUTTS. It was actually really fun!

Funniest moment: Matson saw this little kid just driving around the outside and then Matson teasingly pointed at him & the kid was so scared. Haha. Matson got him.

We saw these way pretty peacocks too!
Fun day! Even though we were sweaty like hogs and enjoying all the wonderful people there. Thanks for coming with us C* & A*!

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