Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th.

4th of July is BY far both of our favorite holidays (we both love Christmas, of course, but the 4th is so festive too plus warm).

the 4th in our neck of the woods is more than just the 4th of July, it is more like the 1st, 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th well at least this year it was.

We started the festivities on the 1st with our friends H* and K* and new baby C* whom I was happy to "help" hold and get to sleep at the end of our night (he makes me a little baby hungry...but no jumping to conclusions here people). Anyway we went to dinner at a yummy dinner at the Trolley then went to the Freedom Festival to check it out real quick. Next, we went to JCW's for the yummiest and cheapest ice cream cone in town and I made a fool of myself hiding from someone...long story. We ended the night chit chatting all night.

Matson and K* being goofs and eating their ice cream.
The 2nd started with a nice bike ride throughout town with my parents and us. We rode to the Provo's Farmers Market (picked up a limeade to share) and then we rode to the Freedom Festival (picked up 2 frozen bananas my dad's fave treat and the way to his heart to all share) and then we rode around for a while longer then finally headed home before my bum fell off from being so durn numb.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of this:
Matson was seriously asleep laying in the pool. We all enjoyed the rays before the Stadium of Fire.
Then STADIUM of FIRE buh bump buh bumm (that's the song beats in the "Stadium of Fire" song, which sounds just like the singer/song "Eye of the Tiger"). We went with my family to it and truly enjoyed it. My sister and I enjoyed the concert part probably more than the rest of the fam but dang were those fireworks uh-maz-ing. We were so pumped.  

We ate at DQ before. Yum. Mint Oreo Blizzard.
Matson has this thing about ruining EVERY picture we take. No idea he was just gonna lift me up?!
Me and my darlin' (and tan) sister!
Before the show stared we went and found Matson's family!
Finally a cute one :) All red, white, and blued out.

Matson and my brother J* and a super bright green light?
He had quite a cool stage/screen! Fun show.
Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us! 

The 3rd was just a normal Sunday teaching the Sunbeams and family dinner then the night consisted of some long waiting out on the parade route (I learned my lesson this year, folks. I am just not cut out for doing it. I get a little cranky with not much sleep and I truly do not enjoy the motorcycles zooming by all night). It was fun to be with friends and family talking, playing games and OH killing ants?

Matson, B*, and M* being silly right before they thought of their brilliant plan to burn and kill all the ants right by our area?
Matson preparing to kill the ants. I was actually glad they did because their was quite the ant hill by us!
Some of the burning (the were burning things for qutie some time). Boys will always be boys.
This here would be my 4 in the morning "shoot me" face.
The 4th consisted of the parade which I had watched uh....never because I cheered in it in High School and never been to it since, and then we were both exhausted so we napped til the afternoon then rolled on over to Matson's family house for a movie. Then we went to my parent's for some dinner and games. Then back to his family's home for their fireworks show loved all the Saturn Missiles! And then again back to my parents house oh the joys of having two families only blocks away from each other...seriously it really is nice to be able to be with both and enjoy each family's festivities for their fireworks show...Matson and my brother went a little crazy lighting all the fireworks that my dad went a little crazy on buying this year when we had a WHOLE cupboard already of 3 big boxes of fireworks we didn't need 2 more. But it made for some fun! Our friends T* and F* came over in the mid of our firework show and were a little scared of some tipping over and burning them? haha. I guess our family is too pyromaniac too think about that stuff. 
Matson lighting fireworks off. He loved it.
C* was so afraid of the fireworks!
I guess I am a child at heart because every firework session I gotta light a sparkler!
Thank you everyone for a very fun filled (4 days) 4th of July!
We can't wait until next year!
But even closer...we can't wait until the 24th (another holiday to light up some more fireworks and celebrate the pioneers)!


  1. You guys had quite the fun! Glad we got to be a part of some of it! We love you guys..seriously we do! Ps... Erica Cohen needs a cousin asap :)

  2. I forgot something...I laughed out loud when I read about you hiding at JCW's! Haha that was great :)