Friday, July 1, 2011

one difference between men and women.

These are my husband's underwear that he wears to the gym.

Matson's Gym Underwear (That are STILL in his drawer being used)

a little ZOOMED in action.
He (Matson) will probably be livid that I showed the world them. But they have huge holes that look like little birds have been pecking at them. He wouldn't let me throw them away. All I kept hearing was that they "are special/lucky underwear". The funny thing is these are not like $10 a pair underwear or even $3. You can buy a whole pack of them for $9! And who has lucky underwear that isn't some pro sports player or performer? So every week I have been throwing one pair of these bird pecked underwear away, hoping he wouldn't notice. He did though, so I finally bought him a new pack.

This is the same story with his gym socks. They have holes all in the heels and toes, but he will not let me throw them away. Or last year I bought him a new belt because his other belt was literally going to break soon because it was sooo worn out. He wouldn't buy a new one. So I forced him to buy one and put it on right then.

Woman are not like this.
(At least I am not).

If I get a hole in any of my underwear, socks, shirts, camisoles, or anything they go right in with the rags or the trash! It's just not that big of a deal. Just means time to get some new ones!

Can anyone explain this to me? There is no way that a pair of socks is THAT lucky that we have to keep it when little birds have pecked it to death creating billions of holes in it!

(FYI: Little birds have not really pecked our clothing, just a saying).


  1. That is so funny, Rob has underwear that looks just like that!!

  2. erica it must be a guy thing, i showed collin and said look thats gross and he said " noo nothings wrong with it, its just used" men.