Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hey I put some NEW SHOES on and everybody's smilin', it's so invitin'

New Shoes. Good song, sung by Paulo Nutini.

Don't you just love a brand new pair of clean, white tennis shoes? 
Uhh...I do not.
It is so hard for me to get the guts to actually wear them because I think they are going to get so dirty.
Anyway, a couple nights ago I worked up the guts to wear these brand new shoes after owning them for over a year and a half. I don't really wear tennis shoes much in the summer anyway because I just wear sandals. But I told myself, "I am wearing these today!"

And hey guess what? They didn't come home super dirty and now that I have worn them once I will probably wear them a lot more!

I wore them to Matson's family Pioneer Day (it was actually the day after pioneer day-the 25th) Block Party.
Matson off course spilled on his shorts so he had to borrow some sport shorts.

It slowly got windy and cold. Don't you guys like my attempt to frown?
Matson with his little neighborhood buddy, J*! Such a cute little boy. He later started falling asleep on Matson's "comfy chest".

It started POURING. Yet for some reason we all stayed outside waiting for it to pass so we could do fireworks. That didn't happen. Matson and I stayed under a huge umbrella with cute little S*. When I have kids (when..not now) I want my little boys to be cute and easy going like S* and J*!
Happy Belated Pioneer Day! 
And my advice for you today friends, get some guts and go wear your white tennis shoes (or your new white shorts or whatever in your closet still has a tag on it)!

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