Sunday, July 17, 2011

Advice Needed ASAP #2

So I need help again, friends. My beautiful friend J* is getting married mid August. I am one of her bridesmaids and I need a light pink/pale pink colored dress. I have been having the hardest time ever trying to find a dress. We are a month away and I am now in crunch time. My mom has gone to Vegas 2 times this summer and looked for me and nothing. Either too short and not many of that color this summer. Online I have looked all over but all too short, not the right color, or it is good just super expensive.

Here are some that I have found just not modest enough:
Pink ModCloth Dress
Lulu's Layered Pink Dress
Rewarding Moment ModCloth Dress

So...I need your help. Anybody know any good online dress sites? Or any LDS endowed woman have some advice to offer? Anything will do. I am good wearing a shrug, just not too short.
Please comment with your advice, tips, etc. Thanks!!


  1. Shabby apple.. It's modest and a great selection!!

    ...if you cant find anything i have this dress that you could try...

  3. Oh thank you thank you! Ally, I may if I find nothing.

  4. Is this one light enough?

    Probably not... I'll keep looking. I love stuff like this. :)

  5. This one is adorable.

    Have you looked on etsy? They actually have some pretty cute stuff...

  6. This girl custom makes dresses. I guess you pick which one you want, send her your measurements and in two weeks, you have a dress. Some of them are pretty cute and I would assume that she could make them knee length too since they are custom made for you.

  7. Brittany, you are the best!! K I am looking around! I will post and let you all know what I end up deciding on and what works best!