Wednesday, May 25, 2011

clean out.

need a fun summer activity?
find a free afternoon, morning, whatever and
go through your grandma's closet or your mom's, aunt's, great aunt's...whoever.
 In this post I talked about how we went to Grandma's house and cleaned out her house.
We went through a lot of her clothes. Lots of boxes of clothes were titled "1988", "1995 summer clothing", "1992 Clothes to Keep", etc. 
So a lot of trends have been recycled and we took some of her clothes that are being recycled today!
Since my Grandma and I are not the same size I really only found swimsuit cover ups.

After washing the clothes, I tried them all and love them!
Here are a few of the fun pieces I found
oh and you are free to make fun of my hilariously horrible mirror pictures 
(some are even phone pics)
Loving this romper (already worn it to the pool this summer twice). The ruffles are so cute and the pockets! It seriously looks like Juicy. Thank you 1992 box.
T-shirt style dress thing. I could see chicks buying this at Forever 21, but Grandma bought this in Mazatlan in the 80's or something? So I thought it was a little ugs and made me look huge.
So I added a thin belt and fun swimsuit cover up.
This one is a little Hippie. But still could be cute with a fun summer hat and sandles!
love this romper! so cute. the belt on it is precious and there is a little pocket on the right leg. The only problem is the short length is a little long. If you can't tell I tried them on for you...
See a little long? So I may shorten them. But otherwise totally love it!

Have fun cleaning out your relatives closets and adding to your wardrobe! You never know what you will find!

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