Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Matson and I had a BBQ and invited some of our friends over. I tried to be all cute and crafty to make for a fun afternoon/evening with our friends (I am in no way creative or crafty or good at making "cute" things). We hope to have another BBQ/game night before the summer is over!
You can laugh at my attempt to be cute. Or you can feel bad for me that 
I am not as crafty/creative/cute as you are.


  1. Erica you are so creative and so turned out adorable! You and Matson are the best host/hostess! It was so much fun...we want to live next to you when we grow one throws parties quite like you guys!

  2. Well when we grow up we want to live by you guys too. Requirement: Kevin must go to school in Utah and then work in Utah.