Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meeting the American Idols.

Do any of you watch American Idol?
If your answer is YES, then you will enjoy this post.
If NO, then maybe you won't but you can still go ahead and read.

Wellp, we do. 
My whole family watches it.
We are huge fans and we are sure proud of it.
 This season (Season 10) we got so into it.
When I say we got so into it, I mean it. 
So into it that it is July and I am still listening to all their songs they sung this season on the show daily. 
So into it that when my dad texted us 2 month ago to ask us if we were interested in go to the American Idol concert that we quickly replied YES!  
So into it that when my dad told us we had 5th row tickets while walking out of a movie our jaws dropped and we were freaking out!
So into it and even more into it when my dad told us we were going to the Meet and Greet where we would meet some of the idols, we went crazy like little kids going to Disneyland for the 1st time.
So crazy into it that the anticipation was just too much, especially the day of it was like it was Christmas morning. 
So incredibly into it that we went 2 hours before the show, waited to meet the idols, then found out we were not going to just meet some but all of them and get to mingle and talk with them for a while, and then truly enjoyed the concert they put on. 

I will tell the rest of our night by the pictures and videos. Enjoy :)
Before we went in, all the idols waiting for us to come in! You have no idea how excited all of us were.
My dad's favorite at the beginning was Pia. He was so sad when she got off, so he had to have a picture with her. We thought it was funny that just the 2 guys got a picture with her and her leopard bra. Haha!
I know, I know, I know. It is  blurry. But we loved Lauren so much, the whole season from her 1st audition I wanted her to win! Definitely a favorite of ours to meet! She just has the best personality, she is so personable and sweet. I hope she comes to Stadium of Fire soon!!!
The better picture of us. After talking to her and teasing her about being "stuck in the corner" (that's where she was signing and everyone kept kinda pushing her back into the corn), we felt like we knew her and she was our good friend. She really is such a sweetheart!
Scotty was nice, a little shy or maybe nervous for the first show or something. But still nice and really opens up in his element (his element=the stage). Great performer and singer!

Haley, she is just so cute! She is a pipsqueak.  I loved all her song picks from the season and listen to them all the time. We talked to her for a little bit and we kinda teased with her on what to sign in our book for us.
She signed "So hott" and then Matson said to her, "C'mon you gotta write H.A.G.S" and she just laughed and said, "Oh yeah...I remember that from high school."
Paul...Matson was surprised at how tall he is. Haha from T.V. we thought he was a shorter guy like Ryan Seacrest, but he is almost as tall as Matson.
And yep, that smile is still so beautiful people! We told him that my sister thought he was soo good and a good looker. He was super cool and fun to meet.
James Durbin, people. He was not as enthusiastic in person as we thought. But man he did great in the concert getting the whole crowd to go crazy!
Casey was definitely another favorite to meet! He made silly or funny faces in almost every picture he took with people.

Matson and him were teasing each other. Matson said, "I keep seeing you kiss the ladies on the cheek and hugging them..." Casey was all, "Oh you want some?"
We have this all on video from a guy that was there. GO onto Matson's facebook here (if you aren't friends with him then let me know) and watch the video. It is pretty funny. He posted it on his wall on July 7, 2011.
Then Casey was all let me kiss your wife. And he hit Matson and was all "C'mon man". So he did! (Once again, watch the video. It is pretty cool!)
Stefano was too also very nice. I made a fool of myself and asked him where he this huge scar from on his whole arm. Oh duh Erica...they talked about it on the show. That was his story that he got in a big car accident.
Jacob was super nice. He noticed Matson didn't have a ring on (Matson left his at home when we were in a rush to get ready and get going) and that I did and was all...."Ohhh is something big about to happen here." Oh nope...we have married for almost a year already.
As you can tell we were all pretty sweaty in this little room.

The videos will not load up onto my blog...does anyone know how to do that? 
Well in the mean time you can go to my facebook here is a video that Matson took of all of them around the room. Lauren was super funny and kept talking to us throughout the whole meet and greet after we met her. We almost felt like her favorites or something to meet. At 15 seconds until about 40 seconds she interacts with us.

Thanks Pops and Mom for taking us with you to the American Idol Live Concert and the Meet and Greet (If they are coming to your city you must go, it's a good concert!)!!

Who is your favorite American Idol from this season?
I will blog more about the actual concert and such next time with more pictures and videos. 


  1. So jealous! I used to watch American Idol all the time and went to the shows a few times when David Archuletta won! Next time we are around a computer together I can show you how to upload a video! Remind me!

  2. That looks like so much fun. I definitely watch it every season too!

    I had a hard time doing videos too, but you can download them to youtube and then when you click on the video icon next to the picture one when you are doing a blog post just click upload from youtube and it goes right on your post. I always do the setting on youtube where people can only see it if they have the link just to be safe. Haha, I have no idea if any of that makes sense but that's what I do and it seems to work.