Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last week I was nannying for the family I have been nannying for the summer. Apparently "nannying" is not a word...but in my vocabulary it is so sorry spell check. We were all watching the wonderful disney movie The Goofy Movie. During the scene when Goofy and Max had just left town for the road trip and are fighting about what music they should play and are going back and forth between some hill billy song and some teen rocker song then the tape player breaks and the tape is going all over the car, little E* (one of the boys I nanny) turns to me and asks,"What is that?" 

In my head I thought...what is that? He can't be talking about the car, Goofy, or Max, so he must be speaking about the tape. I then reply to E* by saying, "You mean the tape?" and then he says,"well what is that?"...this then turned into me explaining to E* and his older brother R* of what a tape is. They were completely confused why we would have a tape and something that literally had to be rewound and turned over to "Side B" to hear the rest of the tape.

Not that I am that old or anything or that I am that attached to tapes. But this is when it dawned on me that my children will have no idea what a tape is or a VHS. My mom still only has her Disney VHS movie collection because she refuses to re-buy all of them. So they (my future children) probably will see them. THANK GOODNESS.
But let's be honest here. We do not even own a VHS player or cassette tape player actually I take that back I have a karoake machine in storage that has a tape player. And my little sister has this cool Iphone case that makes the iphone look like a tape. And everytime someone new sees her case they OOOO and AHHH over it and how cool it is. Who would of thunk back in the 80's/90's or whenever that a tape phone case would really be that cool?

Anyway that's my little thought today on tapes and such.

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