Friday, June 24, 2011

Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter?

Ok so we have all heard of the saying, "Like Father, Like Son" or it being switched to "Like Father, Like Daughter" or other versions. But today it is "Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter".

Why might you ask. Look below.

Grandpa H* during one of his nap times on the couch.

Me during one of my nap times during our Seattle road trip.
I seriously look like i got knocked out. But I guess no make up and a good nap can do that to ya!
Some of you are probably wondering why I would expose myself like this to you. It's because Matson and I think this is hilarious. We pull the pictures up often and just laugh so hard. So hopefully it brings a smile to your face too! P.S. We are not making fun of Grandpa in anyway, we love Grandpa so much!
(Matson took all of these on his phone, so sorry for the bad quality.)

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