Monday, August 1, 2011

Bye Bye July.

July has ended. August is here. I am halfly for reals just found out that "halfly" is not a word by typing it in and seeing the little dotted red line show up WHAT!? excited and halfly I am still going to use the word "halfly" not excited for August to come. August means our cruise in less than a week! August also means school starts and summer is gone. This summer has been so much for us! We have done many of my "summery fun" activities and spent lots of time with family and friends. We said goodbye to July this weekend with a kick full of fun things! 

Relaxing in the Hammock with our favorite little pup, Rookie!
Drive Inn  (or is it just In?)
We saw Cars 2 with our friends the H*, K*, and baby C*. The only picture I have are of the guys just chilling. 
So this picture will not turn? Weird. But I love it of them just sitting in camping chairs.

At first, I was super bad. I literally was walking on the roller blades and Matson made we wear a helmet. 
Matson was all good and rolling circles around me!
I got so much better after blading more and more. It was so much fun and worked up a good sweat!

Chalk Art
Matson's Family Guy (sorry there was a lot of shade)
All I can do with chalk is just write. I do not draw.
I LOVE this picture of Rookie. She looks so happy. After this she was rolling in the chalk and turned pink.

Brigham City Visit
We went to Maddox (Matson's favorite restaurant) with Matson's brother J*, our bro-in-law C*, and our friend M*. We loved our dinner then visited the new temple and Matson's grandparents!
The LDS Brigham City Temple, it is going to so pretty once it is done!

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