Monday, September 10, 2012

The After Party

My mom's birthday is September 15th, but her cousin is getting married that day out of town so my dad knew he couldn't have a party that day so he did it a little early...After my sister's reception on August 24th, my Dad had this brilliant idea to plan a little "After Party" for my mom's 50th birthday. With my mom's wonderful friends help and my help too, my dad pulled it off! Although it was a couple weeks early, it was such a fun party and my mom was COMPLETELY surprised. She hates attention like this, but for some reason my dad loves to surprise her and embarrass her a little bit.

Throughout the night at the reception we quietly spread the word around to stay around after the reception for a little 50th bash for my mom. After the newlyweds drove off from their reception, my dad shouted, "Stay around for a surprise for Susan in the backyard" and my mom's friends blindfolded her.

She got to the backyard to see this birthday set up with a poster of 50 Things We Love About Susan, a custom cake, a banner, old photographs of my mom, and some gifts!

The Poster. Bad flash.
This is my mom getting mad at my dad! She was probably saying something like,
"I can't believe you did this!" 
Lots of people stayed to celebrate with my mom. So kind!
The woman who made my sister's wedding cake also made this birthday cake for my mom. It's a suitcase to represent all the traveling my mom loves to do and the suitcase has 5 stickers of my mom's favorite places she has traveled to. Inside the suitcase was a quilt since my mom loves to quilt and it even had a tag that looked just like my mom's quilt tags. My mother is also known for wearing high heels so the cake also had a high heel that looks just like a pair of high heels she has. It was all eatable and so cool and so my mom!

The Birthday Cake
The Quilt Tag
The Shoe Cake
Happy 50th Birthday, Mom! She's had like 5 celebrations already and her birthday isn't until Saturday. She is one loved, talented, happy, and selfless woman so she deserves it!

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  1. you know the Cardullo's? i served in Italy with Ann...what a small world!