Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Sister's Wedding - The Reception

My little sister's reception was so much fun! It was great talking and laughing with all our friends and family, eating delicious food, and even dancing for a little bit at the end. My sister and I both had our reception in our parents' backyard yet the receptions were totally different, which if you know my sister and I then you know how different we are! Her reception was rustic yet still elegant, I loved it and it had some fun details!

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer at all. But I haven't gotten or seen the photographer's pictures from the reception yet, so these will do. ALL I AM SAYING IS...don't judge.

"Farm Tables"
The Favor
Umbrellas Everywhere 

The Ribbon Canopy

I didn't get many pictures of the food...Apparently I like carbs because I only got pictures of the Ice Cream Sandwiches, Rolls, and the Cake.

My Grandparents and I
My brother and some of my uncles

Matson caught them driving away in the Audi, but my siblings and I (besides my little sis, of course) were busy fixing up part of the backyard for the next surprise! More to come about this night tomorrow! 

Catering: Culinary Crafts // Wedding Planner/Floral Design: Holly Hocks // Wedding Photography: Moxie Photography // Wedding Cake: Layers Cake // Wedding Invitations: The Wedding Smith (Comment if you would like his information) // Reception Entertainment: Ken Kirkland, Guitarist // Wedding Dress: Avenia Bridal // Rings: Blom International // Bride's Hair: Joseph Patrick Salon // 

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  1. It looks gorgeous!!! I miss your backyard, and you guys of course.