Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Sister's Wedding - The Night Before

Matson and I got back after our Anniversary Surprise Getaway just in time to go to my little sister's Night Before Wedding Dinner. The groom's family held the dinner at Riverside Country Club and it was yummy food! We walked right in and got to see all of our family and catch up with them who had come into town! It was a great night. It was fun to tell stories about our stubborn, hilarious, brave, and cute little sister and it was also great to get to know my sister's fiance's family and hear stories about him too! It wouldn't be a wedding event without tears either, it was very special. And when I say tears...I mean tears of joy from my dad.
Pictures of the couple everywhere! 

Pasta Dinner
The Favor. Hand-dipped Chocolates.
I got to sit by this cutie (my cousin's youngest son) and
he entertained me for the night! Plus, he ate my onions for me!
Who has ever heard of a 1.5 year old eating onions?
But I think he like Matson a little more than me.
They played all night.
My cute Grandpa and Grandma!
My other grandparents!
The Groom and Bride with tears (at least in her eyes).
Me giving my little sister speech. 
The cute couple the night before they got married. And yes, Matson photo bombing the picture.
RUINER...I really cannot believe that's a word right now. Holy no red spell check line?
After the wedding dinner we had some little prep work at my parent's house for the reception. We put up my sister's favorite detail about her wedding the famous ribbon canopy. It was cool to see her vision come alive. Plus, she even listened to some of my uh-mazing advice to make it even cooler.
Set up of the canopy. It looks ugly in this pic.
But we added more to it and it looked so pretty the night of the reception!

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