Saturday, September 1, 2012

Surprise Anniversary Getaway

On Monday the 20th Matson and I had just finished eating a dinner at my parents house when he sprung on me that we were going out of town the next day to somewhere that was a surprise. I asked him what I needed and all that he said was clothes, toiletries, and a bathing suit. I was so stumped! I then asked him plane or car? He wouldn't respond. He told me that he got work off for me and that everything was taken care of.
This was right after he told me and this is me saying,
"You're kidding right. What about work? What about...."
On Tuesday we slept in a little bit then we got our bags in the car and we didn't go North, so we weren't going on a plane. We drove and I knew it had to be St. George or Vegas.

And Las Vegas it was! 
We spent a couple days down there to celebrate our 2 anniversary. It was so great to get away from some of my little sister's wedding stress and just relax before school started the next week. We shopped, swam, read, walked around, and ate! Best surprise, Mats!
Pizza at BJ's. So good.
I even got Matson to shop with me.
This is the only picture I got of us both together
and we look like iPhone ghosts. 
Watching the Bellagio fountains. Michael Jackson
and Frank Sinatra. Can't go wrong there. 

Matson's Big Burger meal at Hash House A Go Go.
Yummiest food and HUGEST meals.
Matson's After Shot. He was stuffed. He couldn't eat
that fry in his hand. He had about half of his burger and most of the fries. 

My After. Fail...I only ate some of the eggs (Mats ate others) and
a fourth of the pancake.
We had such a great time and really enjoyed spending time together, just us! I don't necessarily miss Vegas, but I miss just being with him and having nothing to worry about! Thanks Matson you really surprised me!

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  1. Brad and I went to Hash House twice last time we were there! I have gotten that pancake before and I ate it for 2 days after! So yummy and so nice of Matson to surprise you!