Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Choice // Detangler Edition

I have always had short hair ok well at least since I have been doing my own hair and that's been since like 5th grade. Then once we got married I was like, "Oh I should grow my hair out!" more like I realized the high price of a good hair stylist PLUS I was and still am a young, married student too cheap to pay for the monthly ish haircut. So the last couple of months I have really noticed that my hair is no longer medium or short length. It is definitely long-ish.

Long hair is the bomb dig and I love it. Well almost all of it. I really do not like the brushing of it. I seriously feel like a little 3 year old whiney, little girl who hates getting her hair done and screams every time her mommy just brushes once. Only thing is I am causing this brush screaming pain to myself.

I get out of the shower after massaging a half of a pound of conditioner through it and it still is hard for me to brush. Sometimes when I am super lazy pants and just butt hole sick of brushing it, I turn to Matson and in my 3 year old whiney, little girl voice ask him more like force him to brush through my hair. That's nice of him and all but he has only done that 2 maybe 3 times.

So I knew I had to find a solution. Spray in conditioners/detanglers. I have tried out a few kinds and I am here to report back to you all who are in a situation like me or you might just be the mommy of the 3 year old whiney, little girl who is traumatized after every hair brushing time and you need a solution.

Suave Kids Soft and Smooth Detangler - This stuff smells super yum and seriously all day I sniff my hair like a weirdo. It leaves my hair soft and smooth. It also keeps my hair from frizzing up. About $3.50. My Choice.

Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles Spray - This stuff definitely detangles and leaves my hair so smooth. I spray like 8-10 sprays of this stuff under and all over. I don't brush right away, I leave it in and it works like MAGIC. About $3.00.

Sesame Street Detangler Spray - This stuff is what you pay for. It doesn't smell good, it actually has no scent and it takes about 5 sprays per area to work. If you are on a tight budget and your hair isn't too tangled or knotty then it works ok. $1.00.

Joico K-Pak Strengthening Tonic - The last couple of years I have gone through a couple of these bottles. In the past I used this mostly for protecting my hair when I style it, but I have used it recently to try out as a detangler. So it not only is a pretty good detangler it also conditions and protects your hair. $14.95 (They do not make this anymore and there's only 1 left on Amazon. So you can go check out K-Pak's other products)

Holler if you have other detanglers that you think are the and that I need to know about. Happy Wednesday!  


  1. I love the Suave Kids one! I get the apple kind (with the octopus on the bottle) because I LOVE the smell of apples. I've been using it for years!