Monday, September 24, 2012

Peachy Keen

I bought the best bag of peaches ever last week and we have already eaten pretty much all of them. There are only 2 left. We put them on top of everything but I just like them plain with just a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top. They are super big, juicy, and delicious. They are some of the best peaches I have ever bought in Utah County (nothing compares to a fresh peach from Brigham City/Perry, Utah).

Yummiest breakfast, peaches on top of German Pancakes. 
German Pancake Recipe HERE
Go to the Allred Orchards barn at 2109 North University Avenue in Provo.
A bag which has a dozen big peaches in it is only $5.50 or there is a box that is $20.
The bag. They fill it over the top,
but we had already eaten some by the time I took a picture.

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