Saturday, December 31, 2011

your job as a wife

part of your job as a wife is to clean out your husband's clothing or if you are not a wife and you are a woman this still is your job to do for your brothers, boyfriends, fathers, boy friends (notice the space between boy and friends...I was very particular about this pre-marriage years). I am sure that you remember when I talked about Matson's bird pecked/rat chewed underwear and socks here (July 1, 2011). This time ladies and gents, we are discussing the same such subject, yet this time it is his shoes. My husband wears holey shoes...he has a serious problem. He has a fear of saying goodbye to clothing items.

Our conversation in September:

Erica: Babe, I think it is time we get you some new shoes. Not like he only has one pair.
Matson: What are you talking about?
Erica: These. I point to his grey Forever 21 canvas shoes with holes in the sole!
Matson: There's nothing wrong with them, Erica.
Erica: There clearly is.
Matson: I will still wear them.
Erica: Too bad I am throwing them away. I walk slowly over to the trash can, shoes in hand.
Matson: (Insert stern voice) Do not throw those away. I will still wear them, I have like no shoes compared to you. Duh, I am a girl. Of course I have more shoes then you but none of mine have holes in them.
Erica: Ok whatever. Subject dropped due to the fact that I do have triple the amount of shoes as him and no way in heck I am giving any of mine away.

Well, ladies and gents, I am just here to report that as of Monday the 26th of December those shoes have been sitting outside in our trash can just waiting for Mr. Trash Man to come and take them to Trashland. 
The wife did her job and finally threw those suckers away!
Thank goodness for Christmas gifts where he not only got 2 new pairs of shoes but 3!

Bye bye shoes!


  1. Good job Erica! Justin gets ticked at me if I touch his stuff. He still has a soccer uniform from elementary school. I'm not that sentimental with clothing, so I don't get it.

  2. totally could have taped those ERICA!!!

    I can hear Matson saying, "ERICA!"
    hahahaha miss you guys