Friday, December 2, 2011

Utah Valley Symphony...Who Knew?

Matson's family and us went to the Utah Valley Symphony's Family Christmas Concert tonight or I guess last night since it is now 1am-ish December 2nd. So...SURPRISING FACT: I played violin as a youngin' definitely don't now. So I have played in Orchestras and taken lessons, but never actually been to a symphony concert. With many stories from my mom about my dad falling asleep through them and operas and such, I thought that I would have the same problem as him. As we were walking to our seats I actually said to my sis-in-law, T*, that she should not be surprised if I fall asleep. SURPRISING FACT: I liked it and didn't sleep. Seriously, really did like it. Got me totally in the Christmas mood. They played songs from the Nutcracker we went to Ballet West's Nutcracker last year...and now because of hearing the music, we are going again this year (but this time to the Utah Regional Ballet's Nutcracker, yep already bought the tickets)! Thank you Matson! and they played Sleigh Ride and White Christmas and others. It was super good and only an hour and 20 ish minutes long. Any longer I may not of liked it and shot myself don't worry folks, not literally shoot myself just a figure of speech, but it was the perfect length and great way to welcome December!

Plus, there were some extra comedic acts at the symphony besides the actual symphony. There was a man in the audience who almost after every song loudly said, "Bravo! Bravo!" It was hilarious. I kept daring Matson to do it, he chickened out. boo. And the conductors themselves were giving us goof balls in the 2nd row a good laugh (refer to picture below).

As you can see there is a large slit in the back of the Conductor's coat that opened wide each time he moved his hands up. My bro-in-law, C*, leaned over to Matson who then leaned over to me and said, "Just imagine if he had no pants on and every time he moved his arms, you saw a nice view of his butt." The rest of that song you know what I was imagining. Haha.

Happy December! 
Post about our recent Thanksgiving trip coming soon (hopefully)!

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