Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mexican Birthday

My brother's birthday is today! 
Happy Birthday J*!
Seattle Ferry in (I'm guessing) around 1990.
 How dang cute is my brother or I guess I should say both my brothers? But sorry T*, we are focusing on J* here. He was such a cute little boy not that I knew (or remembered) him at that age since I am younger than him, but all the home videos of him are so precious. He has those classic toddler boy moments (anyone who has seen my family's collection of videos, you know what I am talking about). J* is such a sweet brother. Not only is he super smart which is a HUGE plus when it comes to advice on technology, apps, finances, homework help, and pretty much everything! but he is also very caring, secretly funny he cracks some super saracastic jokes/comments, he loves movies a necessary family trait, and ladies, he is single! He truly is a great guy and older brother. 
He lives in California and is going to law school. So when we were all in Mexico we celebrated his birthday there by going to a nice little restaurant called...Ruth's Chris. It was such a treat! We got into the restaurant and they asked what the occasion was for. We told them while they replied to wait while they fixed up our table. 

Little did we know that "fixed up your table" meant that they would decorate the table with a bunch of Happy Birthday/Feliz Complenos confetti.

We all ordered our yummy food and pigged out! 

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and John opened some gifts. We gave him the most random coolest gift (at least I think it's cool). My brother (actually both my brothers and actually maybe my whole family) is obsessed with cereal. Hungry? Eat some cereal. Watch out you cereal lovers or you family members of cereal are going to want this.
Is this not the coolest invention ever? A slanted bowl, that keeps your cereal from getting soggy! BEST THING EVER.

Anyway...sorry we can't be there with you today, J*!
But it was super fun to go to have celebrated with you in Mexico!

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