Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Festival of Trees

I have never been to the Festival of Trees here in Utah. Last year we tried going, but failed. So this year when I saw an advertisement I decided that we were going to make it happen. And we did. We went this past weekend with some of our good friends! It was a great way to get into the Christmas Spirit!

We saw a bunch of gingerbread houses. I think they were my favorite. So original and great ideas for our annual gingerbread house making!
Loving the rock candy chimney! Want to do this for ours!

Love the wafer cookie roof!

Hello Tangled house!

I just had to laugh at this one. My sis in law and bro in law made a trailer park gingerbread house last year and won our little competition! Thought they would love to see this!
Isn't C* so cute with his Pops?
Some seriously beautiful tress with great purposes! 

Merry 6th of December! 
Take advantage of all the Christmas festivities before December slips away!

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