Friday, December 30, 2011

Tanner Christmas Events #3 - Christmas Day

Christmas Day December 25, 2011
We slept in again (heaven). I will admit I was sad to wake up and find no snow on the ground. Took a little away from the Christmas spirit. But it's ok! We opened our stockings my mother is the best at finding all the coolest little things to go in our stockings (I got See's, pads of paper, mascara, pen, jewelry, etc.) then we ate a yummy homemade breakfast by my mother including eggsellent (eggs+cheese+ham+hash browns), cinnamon rolls, hot cocoa and fruit! After our yummy breakfast we decided to only open a few gifts before getting ready to go to Christmas church.

Could he of done any creepier face? Matson and his stocking jackpot!
The family all drinking our hot cocoa/milk/orange juice.
Don't we all look cute in the morning? For reals my mom and N* look good!

Then we got ready for church and headed over to hear the wonderful Christmas talks and I loved all the Christmas songs we sung!
I was getting ready for church while Mats was snoozing with Rookie. Of course!

This kid was sitting in front of us at church and we were getting such a hoot out of him! There was this duet that sung a Christmas song in church and they were pretty loud. They probably needed to turn off the microphone. But this kid from the beginning had his ears plugged the whole time! And during the real loud parts his face looked like this was the worst thing he had ever heard in his life! My family was laughing hysterically and people probably thought we were laughing at the singers but we weren't we were laughing at the little boy.

Church was wonderful and the fact it was an hour was kind of cool! We came straight home and got back in our PJ's to finish opening our gifts!
My dad's face=weird. But he loved the gloves we got him!

J* gave us some funny gifts! Matson loved the whoopee cushion. Oh no. He also gave Mats a sweatshirt!

J* gave me some funny socks. Along with nice shirt!

My sis, A*, made us these fun chalkboard mugs! Perfect for my hot cocoa obsession.

Matson opening this was the best! He has wanted this for years and he finally got it.
He was so surprised and loves it! He wears it even inside our house? Haha.
 We both gave each other Steve Madden boots! I love mine! And he is so pumped to have shoes that aren't canvas and get soaked in the snow. (I know you all love my saggy long john Christmas PJ's...attractive huh?). 
My Dad gave my mom a bunch of games. This one is super fun too! Blokus, I have already won the game a couple times. I love to block people!
You can really get to know my family in this family video my sister A* made. It's super cute. You will see a few appearances by me where I probably look super cute in my PJ's or sound super weird is it just me or do you hate to hear yourself speak on video/recordings?
After spending time with my family, we headed on over to Matson's family for Christmas time with them! We shared the afternoon with Matson's family by relaxing, watching some TV/YouTube videos, and eating treats/snacks! We then ate Christmas dinner...Matson's family's tradition is to eat homemade enchiladas on Christmas. So yummy. They are delish and it is such a fun meal! I probably ate two whole cans of olives to go with them though...oops! I didn't eat 2 whole cans but for sure 1 whole can alone. I love olives! Thanks to PegasusAfter din din we opened gifts with everyone.
Once again weird face. He must really hate pictures. Mats got a skinny tie from me!
And you can see the cool watch that T* and N* gave him. He has worn it every day this week!

Matson's bro J* gave me a new Kate Spade phone case! I love it!
In my other hand I am holding up my old one that is suppose to be white but is grey/blue. Yes, we stayed in our PJ's all day, what other day can you do that and it totally be ok?

Matson's parents have a cool tradition of giving everybody a book for Christmas.
This is my book...or  more like books! I am sooo excited to read them.
They are suppose to be similar to The Hunger Games. I will let you know what I think!

I had to share this with you (Sorry instagram friends). I opened this gift and was laughing so hard.
Matson didn't black out the price but rather CIRCLED it. It really wasn't 199 bucks for a shirt, that is in pesos.
It was like  $19. 

My bro and sis in law, C* and K*, gave me this super cute and soft scarf!
I have worn it 2 times already! So warm and big!
I am lucky enough to have a husband that is sentimental and truly enjoys thougthful gifts.
So, I took all the letters we wrote back and forth to each other over his mission
(not like they are love letters...they are more funny than anything)
and I put them in a book together back and forth! I will share it in a post once I totally finish it soon!

I love Christmas so much and love the Christmasy things and feelings! This Christmas was a wonderful Christmas and I already miss it even though our decorations still remain up (I think we will take them down today?). I honestly cannot believe that my most favorite holiday or I guess day of the year is already passed. 

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