Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tanner Christmas Events #2 - Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve. - December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve. started off with some nice sleeping in (Mats badly needed after a long work week) and a yummy breakfast for us two!

Christmas Eve. also marked the last day of Matson getting a little 12 days of Christmas gift from me. (I really only did 10 because somehow one weekend I just totally spaced it). I put all the gifts all around the house with a little treat and a saying to go along with it.

Matson had some last minute shopping to do while I went and took some of our gifts over to my parents house that were for them. While dropping them off I came across this wonderful music:

Matson and I went and visited his family until my family's Christmas Eve. Dinner having both our families close to each other (they both live two blocks on either side of University) is such much fun so we can see both but a little hard to split up the time but it is better than having neither of them by us! After our visit with them it was time for Christmas Eve. dinner. We ate pretty much all of Matson's favorites. French dip sandwiches, fruit creme salad, sweet potato fries, cheeseball, veggies, and desserts!
Thanksgiving and Christmas...the only times we eat in the Dining Room.

After some din din we had a little Christmas Eve. thought provided by Matson & I but really it was provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Seriously one of the best movies ever. We love it!

After our thought we played family games. Tyler came up with Christmas Pictionary. It was hilarious. Matt Ang came over to give Matson and I our gifts and vice versa. So he joined in on playing too! Everyone kept giving Ty a hard time for some of the pictionary phrases.
I have a feeling this might be a family joke for a while! Matt drew "Bethleham Israel" and the guys kept saying "Bethleham, Bethleham, Bethleham!" and they didn't get it because they didn't say Israel.  HAHA!

The guys ended up winning but it was so much fun to use the Ipad and put it up onto the TV instead of actually drawing!
Tyler flipped the Ipad around at the last second.

Retake with "Boys Win" facing the right way.

Victory Lap!
We opened our Christmas PJ's and played the new family game my Dad made my Mom open early called Wits and Wagers (I seriously love that game, if your family is a game family then get it...I want to play it right now actually)!
Mom and I after opening our Christmas PJ's (I am wearing the tank top I opened on Little Christmas Eve that I mentioned in last post).

Mine and my sister's Christmas PJ's.

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