Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cancun Thanksgiving 2011

My family's go to vacation spot is Cancun. We love it there. We went for Spring Break when we were younger multiple times, we've been I think 2 or so times for Thanksgiving before, Mats and I spent our honeymoon there (even though we were in Playa Del Carmen, we went to Cancun too!), my bro T* and my sis in law, N*, went there for their honeymoon too, and a couple summers ago we went for 2 weeks-it is heaven! Seriously the best of all beach locations - cheap unlike Hawaii or other places. It's Mexico..., blue water and white sand, perfect boogie boarding and body surfing waves, it's safe unlike some people think, it's not too hot and never cold, and there is a variety of American restaurants!
If that doesn't convince you that Mexico is the best then I do not know what will.

Before flying out on the RED EYE we headed to CPK to meet up with some family friends that were in town for Thanksgiving.
Sister and I at CPK. My family is usually an all water family, but CPK marked the beginning of the vaca so sis and bro ordered a root beer and Mats ordered his Dr. Pepper, of course.

Matson and our friends' son. Matson was corrupting him with even more iPhone games to get addicted too. They were having a hay day!

Due to the outrageous Thanksgiving airline prices, we flew through NYC to get to Cancun which was a major plus because on the way back from Cancun we got to stay in NYC for 24 hours (post coming after this one about NYC)!
Matson's first time flying JetBlue. He was loving all the snack selections and that you could have pretty much as many as you want! That is not my hand, that would be T*'s.

We got to Cancun and spent a full week of fun! (This might be a picture overload). We do all sorts of things. Such as...
We go to Wal Mart/Costco to get food for the week. Matson found this Spiderman mask and loved it!

We bought Chica Strawberry Jane. BAD DECISION. She was overload of nasty smell, worse then even the original nasty smell of our rental car. We were getting quite the kick out of it.
We went on bike rides on bikes that only have the old fashion break wear you push back on pedals.

We went boogie boarding and body surfing. The boogie boarding kings!
We played tennis when the sun left our poolside or we were just too hot and done for the day.

We played it every afternoon.
We sometimes hit tennis balls over the fence which made for an adventure.

We got burned. This guy got super burned this day. AHH. Ironic that he is reading "Catching Fire" while he was so burned and trying to get out of the sun?
We took naps. He was sunned out (is that a word..sunned out?).

We took funny pictures with bronze Mexicans.
We went to yummy dinners and walked around the malls and shops by them. Dad tried to kiss the guys (this happened more than once).

We played badminton and tried to balance on the boogie boards and other flotation devices in the kid's pool.
We went to an aquarium where we got to touch sting rays.
We parked in multiple parking garages where my dad's ultimate fear of hitting the top of the parking garage came out to the in-laws. It is hilarious. He drives like 3mph and ducks his body/head like he himself is going to hit the top (not the car).

I am telling you, Matson would boogie board like there is no tomorrow. I would go in and 15 mins. later would get out due to the fact my mouth was salty or was done getting worked over by waves.

We went to the yummy Ruth's Chris steakhouse to celebrate my brother's birthday (last blog post).

Thanksgiving at the Marriott hotel. Yum. Buffet full of everything and crepes. We gone to this Marriott Thanksgiving a couple times before and it always is the best! Plus, you don't get a frustrated mother and you don't have to clean up! I'd say that's the way to eat a Thanksgiving dinner.

Yummy martini glass salads (like at our wedding). Such good food!

Told you he did it again.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the vacation! It was so needed and so much fun. We loved spending time with you and the rest of the family. We love you!
New York post coming soon.

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  1. Looks so fun! Strater and I are looking to maybe go on vacation. I might need your expertise opinion on things we could do if we choose to go to Cancun!:)