Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tanner Christmas Events #1 - Little Christmas Eve.

December 23rd is a Danish holiday called Little Christmas Eve! 
In Denamrk or possibly only my Danish grandma's family & us open all their gifts on Christmas Eve. (except Santa's gifts & stockings). Therefore, Little Christmas Eve. is kind of like their real Christmas Eve. where they open one gift. 
Until my family moved to Utah we celebrated Christmas the Danish way and opened all our gifts on Christmas Eve., thus we opened one gift on Little Christmas Eve. 
Now that we leave in Utah and not by my grandma, we open our gifts Christmas morning. But we still do the one gift (anyone we choose!) on Little Christmas Eve. and then open one more gift (our Christmas PJ's) on Christmas Eve.
Kinda crazy, but so much fun to open one gift and start the Christmas festivities early!

We went to dinner and the movie, Mission Impossible 4, and then headed home to open our Little Christmas Eve one gift and play the family game of Rook.
My Little Christmas Eve. outfit consisted pretty much of H&M attire. The Christmasy H&M socks were a must for this Danish holiday!
Matson's one gift he opened was from my parents. It was a Nike tank top to workout in! And my little sister gave us all piles of poop key covers (my family has this horrible thing where we are all very open about our bodily functions).
 I opened a super cute Banana Republic tank top from my parents. My mom opened super cute Ugg slippers from my Dad. My sister opened pretty much her only gift from my parents because it was spendy, a camera. Mamacita was mad that she "happened" to choose out her main gift to open early. We even let Rookie open a gift. (Like I say in the following video, we are those people that give so much attention to their dog, even Christmas gifts).
Rook attacking her Christmas present.

After my family's Little Christmas Eve. Matson & I get to open our stockings to each other since we do stockings at both our parents, we like to have one stocking party early!

The guy likes SPAM (so gross), so I gave him a SPAM dice game. Haha. He also got yummy food and other things.

I got a new movie and super good smelling Christmas candle, along with lots of other things!

Little Christmas Eve. (whether it is made up or not) is such a fun holiday!

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  1. D is for Dancer! I think i threw mine out :(
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