Monday, December 10, 2012

Remembering Christmas' Pasts

As this new Christmas season starts I can't help but to think of Christmas' pasts. I can still remember all of my family's wonderful Christmas traditions, especially since we still do most of them (I'm talking like 25 year olds running around to see what they got in their stalkings). I am the type of person that likes to celebrate everything and make it the best that it can be. Decorations, gifts, specific recipes, and other traditions were and still are very important to me at Christmas, but the one thing that is most memorable to me is the time spent with family and friends. Like the time spent choosing gifts together, sledding together, giving Christmas to those who are less fortunate, watching our movies, and playing family games. For me it is these times that stand out to me from Christmas' pasts, so for this year that will be my focus - spending time with Matson, our families, and our friends.

Christmas 1992 - Santa brought bikes for my brothers and I!

Matson and I when we were dating - Christmas 2009

Christmas Party 2010

Christmas 2011 at Rockefeller Center in NYC

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