Monday, September 5, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 5

There's those closed eyes again of Matson's.
 we got off the ship and started to explore Barbados.
We walked into a book store to buy stamps and post cards. The book store was not Borders or Barnes & Noble, it was pretty cute though. We paid the book man with 10 US dollars, and this little Barbados boy looked to his mother and asked her, "What is that?" and his Mom told him, "That's not polite, do not ask that." It was too cute, and so Matson went and gave him a dollar bill and the little boys eyes lighted up and he said thank you!
Me standing on Barbados' boardwalk.
We were walking and looked down and there were hundreds of black little crabs. Look at Matson as he tries to catch em on the video below.

embarrassing story: so we saw these little flea market like shops so we all went and looked around. Matson and I were walking around and I saw all of these (the thing I am holding my hands in the picture) on a table. And I said to Matson "cute little whistles!" Then he just starts laughing so hard...a whistle?! Apparently that is not a whistle, but a pipe.
After some little flea market shopping around, we decided to get a taxi to a beach that I read about on a blog and on an online travel guide that has big waves and huge famous rocks. Mistake. The ride was like 40 minutes long which I didn't mind because in the video below we were totally loving the reggae music on the taxi ride. you could know the words after 30 seconds of the song playing and I think the song I am singing along with below was literally a 10 minute song.

Anyway...the mistake was that the beach that we first went to, it just wasn't the beach for us. Although it had great waves, you couldn't get to them because the beach was so rocky! But hey we found great shells!
Matson at Bathsheba Beach!

Soup Bowl rock.
Next we went to this beach (but I did not know the beach's name). It was very beautiful.
Matson and T* being beached whales?

Only if he really did lick it. yuck!
We decided it was sand castle time but we didn't make a sand castcle but instead we made a turtle!
C* and Matson by our Turtle

Close up of Mr. Turtle.
 We walked from the beach back to the port (it wasn't far so if you are wondering about what beach we were at just know it is in walking distance to the port)
On our walk back to the cruise ship, we were kind of rushing back but we still took pictures
Matson scratched his leg on some bush as we were runnin' back to the ship. It was quite bloody.
Later that night on the cruise...we ate dinner and we watched a professional juggler, he was pretty entertaining.
we took an ugly picture of us-one where matson acted as me and me as him
And at dinner each night the waiters did dances and performances for us. This night was "Low" by Flo Rida. Mario made Matson dances. He is never like this (and no he was not drunk), he was just happy and danced!?
Came back and took a picture with our towel swan
Fun day overall, but Barbados was not my favorite place. It was a little bit dirtier than the other places we went to and the people were a little more money hungry. And don't go to Bathsheba, but do explore the city a little bit they have some interesting stores.

(Announcer voices out again guys) Next on Every Saturday is Waffle Day you will hear all about St. of our favorite islands!


  1. You guys are so cute. This looks like an awesome trip! I'm dying to go on a cruise with Guy, especially since we can get cheap last minutes ones in Florida, but it's hard when you have to find someone to watch your kids!! I like how you are splitting it up by'll love looking back and being able to remember everything someday.

    Oh and if I ever see another blurb groupon I will let you know. It's a good deal...usually like $20 for $45 or something like that

  2. Haha, Brayden was just looking over my shoulder and he is SO impressed with the sand turtle you guys made. He has big plans to try to make one himself next time we go to the beach :)