Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Summer FULL of Nannying

This summer I nannied (not a word, but it is in my book) and I still am. I love it. Such a great job where you get wonderful experience in the Mommy Department along with some fun filled days and some big laughs too. Anyway...I nanny for a cute family with three children: two boys and a little girl. We do lots of things together and just this week we came up with some good nicknames for each other. Let's just say I am no longer Erica to them, but you are all now reading the writings of Ice Cube who nannies M&M (the oldest boy), Deejay (the middle boy), and little Gangsta (youngest sis). So here is a little bit of our summer through my iPhone pictures.

We went swimming almost every day this summer that I worked:
Little Gangsta (on the right) with her cute cousin (on the left).
 And almost every day that we swam it ended like this:
All 3 dead asleep in the back of my car. Too cute! Why are children so cute when they are sleeping?
Funny thing is I have a picture just like the above one from one of last year's long swimming days:

Their mom went out of town for a week and they missed her so much. The day she was going home they were so excited and we decided to make her a HUGE sign in the garage (not only fun for their mom to see when she got home but for them it was a fun project that took up 2 whole hours, they were very dedicated to finishing it...You could do this with your children or future children just for when Dad comes home from work).
Little Gangsta standing by our big cool colored sign!

Little Gangsta lately has been way into singing. I thought I would share just a few of my favorite videos.

Dynamite sung by Little Gangsta. Nothing better then when she sings "AIR" at 10 seconds.

"I Love You Like A Love Song" sung by her again (and a little bit of me...she forgets the words sometimes even though it repeats over and over again so that's when I step in to help).

And nothing is better about being a nanny then turning the corner and seeing Deejay with his friend looking like this:
Star Wars friends.

We even like to spend 15+ minutes organizing our animals in to 2's like Noah and the Ark.

All in all, I love my job. It honestly is the perfect job for me, I am very grateful. The summer was fun to be with them all day and now that they are all in school (even me) it is still fun to get done with a long day of classes and come get some good laughs with them!

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