Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1 week ago i became an addict.

An addict of Pinterest. I had wondered about it and even asked all about it in this post. I found out about it and realized I should never join because I would love it waaaaay too much. So I had postponed joining for a couple months now. My friend M* from school kept getting on and tempting me to join during the WORST MOST UNORGANIZED CLASS EVER. So I seriously needed something to do while the professor rambled (and still is rambling in class now) on and remakes our assignments and syllabus. SO I...

Joined (you can follow me here)

Pinned a few things. a few in my vocabulary must mean a hundred.


I became addicted immediately. I just pinned, pinned, and pinned but I was afraid I would never actually do or achieve any of the ideas/things I ever pinned! So I did something I actually pinned! Now I am going to share I guess more like brag that I actually got to do something I wanted to do not had to do (school has been taking over my life with all these projects).

Relief Society Visiting Teaching Handout/Treat:

I used this cute printable of the September Visiting Teaching message (that I pinned on pinterest here) then I used a different cute tag printable here to put on the outside of my little treat for the women I visit teach.
The finished product! I used 2 of my pins for this!
 Halloween Decor: There is so much Halloween decor on Pinterest, so many dang cute ideas I want to do throughout the month of October. This is my first one (and a VERY easy one).

I bought this frame at D.I. for $1. I then used scrapbook paper as the backing behind the Halloween printable (since my frame I thought was a 4x6 ended up being like a 4.5x6.5). The Halloween printable I used is pinned here.
All of these are super simple. I did all of these in literally less than an hour (and I made 3 of the Visiting Teaching little treats and 4 of the Halloween frames).

Moral of this post: Don't just pin, but go and actually do what you pin and create!

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