Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 7

St. Kitts
 We got off the cruise ship in St. Kitts, not really knowing what to do there. So we walked around town for a little bit first.
We got off the ship and saw all these cute little monkies! I was a little scared to hold them (have you seen the 90210 episode when they go to Mexico and she gets way sick from a monkey bite?). But we did anyway. It was pretty fun holding them!

After we were done talking to the guy and holding them the Rasta Monkey man was all $10 per person. And we were like HECK no. We held them for 5 minutes and you never said to pay you so we only paid him like $3 just to be nice. So dumb. Think how much bank they get from all the tourists by just throwing these monkeys on people and then charging them? Crazy.

Then we were walking past this kid who wanted to put "fresh aloe" on us. He did not speak English well and he stuttered. Matson felt all bad for him so we paid him a few bucks. Later Matson said he felt bad for that kid and that the kid just wanted someone to talk to.

After walking around town for a little bit we headed to a beach called ______________ Fill in the blank because I for sure do not remember the name. It was a nice beach and the boys went snorkeling again. I layed out, read, and swam with F*. There weren't big waves but it was still fun!
Matson with St. Nevis (St. Kitts neighboring island) behind him

T* tackling Matson. I swear this was their favorite thing to do at every beach.
The boys out snorkeling, they saw a sting ray!

Me on the beach in St. Kitts (sorry that the picture is so dark?)

Matson LOVED how it was so light green every where you looked.

After the beach it was time to head back to the ship. We were a little scared because there was no one else on the beach from the cruise ship anymore so we hurried thinking we were gonna be late. But we were good!
Me cheesin' it up by the ship.
We got back on the ship and relaxed before we showered. I loved this time. Almost every day after we got back on the ship we would just lounge on the top deck and relax and read together.
I know that you are envious of my gold sequin visor. Seriously though, best thing for reading in the sun and covering my nose from getting burnt.

That night on the cruise ship...
Matson was just excited to eat a yummy dinner like any other night. Then...
He spilled all over his clothes (this is no surprise, at home he spills almost every dinner). Sad thing was that he really was super mad because he loves those shorts. My mother worked wonders when we got home and got it out! Barely noticeable.
T* and I at dinner. Always so hard to decide what to eat!
 This night at dinner Mario pulled me up first to dance during "SHOWTIME" and the other ladies joined me. Matson started to record but only for a second literally 1 second before that camera died. But the guys were getting a kick out of it because every other night they were the ones that had to dance.

After dinner we hadn't seen the mini golf so we went up there to check it out! But it was super windy and I was wearing a skirt so not the best idea.
Matson and T* climbing on the smoke thingy (I forget what that thing is called)

Then by the little one that was part of the mini golf course.
Me with this towel animal. Anybody got a guess of what it is? I was thinking a bull..but I am probably totally wrong.

Next on Every Saturday is Waffle Day you will hear ALL about our last port, St. Maarten or St. Martin (however you want to spell it...)

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